Welcome to the Metaverse…

4 min readFeb 5, 2022


It is now clear the metaverse is more than simply fiction, with NFTs solidifying their place as an integral part of this new world. Currently, the space is dominated by visual art collections (often procedurally generated from a pool of characteristics or “traits”). We feel something is missing…

There have been a few examples of this being tried in music, where the traits are musical “stems”, or layers (drums, bass, chords and toplines etc.). However, there are currently no projects out there that have done this to such high quality that many people would choose to listen to these songs for pleasure. So ask yourself the following:

What if this was done successfully with music?

What if dozens of incredibly talented musicians from around the world, who are mostly yet to catch a break, got together and pooled a ton of original top quality music for this purpose?

What if someone built music logic that could sort through these “stems” and pull out hundreds of full songs that sounded really cool and varied?

What if these tracks were released as NFTs and the owner of each NFT would own the copyright in the underlying composition and master recording of their track?

This is where blocktunes will make history.

We are sowing the seeds of the soundtrack for web3, whilst simultaneously flipping the current model of creating music on it’s head, rewarding musicians involved with a % of ether royalties… forever. Almost all of our music has been collected, our music logic tool has been built, our smart contract is complete and we plan to release our creation to the world in soon! Yes, everything will be set and ready to go once all our available POAPs have been collected!

But how can I mint my very own blocktune?

Well, now the cat is out the bag our ‘mintlist’ has begun…

But what is a Mintlist???

We feel the whitelist mechanism has been abused by false hype and scam projects to the point that we want to do things differently:

  1. Our debut ‘album’ will be several hundred NFTs and each ethereum address on the mintlist will be able to mint a maximum of 1 track each.
  2. Only those who are following us on our journey, engaging with us and are excited about our concept will be invited onto the mintlist. This means our initial drop will be thoroughly distributed between a loyal community who are passionate about this experiment and are actively participating in web3. This also avoids any whales buying the entire collection upon mint.
  3. If you receive a POAP code from us it means you’ve been invited to join the mintlist! POAPs are free to mint and are the global gold standard NFT to prove you were at a certain place in time (either in reality or virtually) — if you’re unfamiliar with POAPs read this:

Once you mint a POAP using your ethereum address, that eth address will automatically be added to the mintlist! Be careful though as each batch of POAPs awarded to the community will have an expiry date, after which the POAP itself can no longer be minted. Minting is easy in the POAP app like this:

(using pj3xw0 as an example six digit code)

We have already started giving out POAPs to those who have humoured us over the past few days e.g. engaging with us on twitter spaces or meeting us at our first ever public showing last Friday (we attended an NFT UK event). We will not announce our criteria for earning our POAPs, but we can tell you they will be unexpectedly given to those who love our ideas, ethos and want to listen to our story.

Anything else?

Yes. We have so much planned, and once we have proven our concept we want to help others to do the same. However, we will be keeping our cards close to our chest until the time is right to gradually reveal them. We will not be using meaningless buzzwords to create hype and we will not be paying anybody for shills. That said, we may let some details slip a little earlier than planned during twitter spaces, so stay block-tuned!

Welcome to the Metaverse…


Discord: https://discord.gg/4qKa3yE7hv