BLOCKv’s Tangible Blockchain: The Next Big Interface Moment

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize a variety of industries: from banking to gaming, the possibilities are seemingly limitless. Nevertheless, so far, blockchain has been mostly confined to institutional and non-user-centric applications. Even digital currency, the most widely adopted use case for blockchain technologies, fails to truly permeate the popular consciousness because it lacks a user interface layer. At BLOCKv, we’ve developed a protocol layer which will finally creates the “user interface” moment for blockchain and brings it to life for a massive global audience. We see this technology fundamentally changing the way brands communicate with people and the way people communicate with each other.

The internet created a space for brands to connect with consumers and for people to connect with peers. Internet era giants, such as Google and Facebook, have earned wild amounts of success by enabling users to receive and harness information effectively. At the same time, they provided brands with a platform to interact with current and future customers. At BLOCKv, we believe that this communication, for the most parts, occurs through what we describe as digital objects. Simply put, a digital object is anything that exists solely in the digital space. You use digital objects on a daily basis: the pictures you share on social media, the banners that annoy you, the .pdf tickets you buy and the email coupons you receive are all examples of digital objects.

In their current state, however, neither brands, nor end users truly benefit from the existence of these digital objects. Consumers often get annoyed by brand-sponsored digital objects: nobody appreciates a floating banner ad interrupting their enjoyable YouTube video! Meanwhile, brands see a low ROI. No party is truly receiving commensurate value or return on the $200 billion industry of online advertising. End users are in an even worse position. The digital objects they value and use on a daily basis cannot be owned by design. They are easy to steal, imitate and tamper with.

But what if digital objects became truly ownable, scarce and tradable? What if the blockchain got a user interface layer to facilitate the creation of these revolutionary digital objects?

Apple changed the world when they unveiled the iPhone and the App store. The App store allowed anyone to bring ideas to life for a global audience. Futurists call this turning point the “user interface moment”. This refers to the exact moment when something that is formerly difficult to access becomes easy to use through the emergence of a platform (or interface) that facilitates mass access.

BLOCKv ushers in the interface moment for digital goods on the blockchain. Similar to Apple’s App Store “interface moment,” BLOCKv brings about the world’s next groundbreaking interface moment with vAtoms on the blockchain. These smart virtual goods will revolutionize the way we interact with brands and each other.

BLOCKv is a protocol and platform for the development of vAtoms (virtual atoms) which function as virtual goods on the blockchain. Just as atoms have been called the building blocks of the universe, vAtoms are the building blocks of a world where digital and virtual goods are married to the blockchain. This enables unique B2C and C2C mutually beneficial reactions. vAtoms are scarce and unique digital objects that can be acquired, traded or redeemed by the customer as part of an ongoing experiential brand relationship.

Anatomy of a vAtom

Imagine that instead of being bombarded with messages about “coming fall drinks” you could instead use your smartphone to hunt for AR-based free sample vAtoms. You could then use these vAtoms on your smartphone to enjoy a free coconut latte at the local Coffee Bean. Imagine that the ticket you buy to go see your favorite team play actually came alive as you walk into the stadium, entering you into a drawing to meet your favorite players, or upgrading you to a VIP experience. Imagine if, as a developer, you could create uniquely valuable and tradable objects for your own industry. The BLOCKv platform makes all of this possible.

The BLOCKv platform has been in development for over two years. We are now very excited to introduce the world to this groundbreaking technology. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing more information about how vAtoms will become the experiential layer for the blockchain and usher in an entirely new experience based economy.

The BLOCKv Token Generation Event is coming. It’s up to you to join the revolution!

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