New Dates for the BLOCKv Main Sale

Dear BLOCKv community,

As you all know, we want BLOCKv to be a truly exciting global phenomenon. That’s why conducting a safe and smooth Token Generation Event (TGE) has been our priority in the last couple of months. To adhere to this priority we have decided, after long deliberation, to postpone our TGE by a few days. We would like to announce therefore that the BLOCKv Main Sale will open on October 19th, a week later than originally anticipated.

There are two primary reasons behind this decision and we would like to be transparent in our thinking. First and foremost, the tremendous interest for our sale has meant that we need to integrate a whitelist and additional KYC procedures into our sale process. Secondly, the impending Ethereum fork will undoubtedly cause volatility on the market in the coming days.

We are tremendously grateful to our community and early supporters for being so vocal in their excitement about our project. As we mentioned previously, we want the TGE to be a smooth and secure process for everybody involved and we are instituting a whitelist to make sure that distribution and access to our tokens is fair. For compliance reasons, we will also introduce a KYC procedure to our sale. We will communicate additionally on the details of this procedure. Both of these additions require some development on our part and, to ensure security, we want to take our time to make these additions perfect.

The upcoming Ethereum fork has also affected our decision to postpone the sale. As you undoubtedly know, Ethereum’s long-anticipated Metropolis upgrade is underway. The hard fork of the Byzantium blockchain (the first leg of the upgrade) is scheduled to happen sometime on October 16th. As we’ve seen with previous forks, this has the potential to cause network instability and market volatility. In order to protect our contributors from the potential repercussions, we have decided to postpone our sale until the dust of the fork has settled.

This new date in no way affects the other terms of our TGE. It does, however, mean that you have a little more time to participate in our Bounty Program and spread the word about BLOCKv! We looking forward to conducting a great TGE and would like to, once again, thank you for your support throughout this process.

Reeve Collins


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