VIDEO: How We ‘Free the Object’ and Evolve the V Economy

Sep 28, 2017 · 2 min read

If you’re wondering how exactly the BLOCKv platform will make digital objects come to life and propel blockchain technology into the mainstream, look no further. Today, we’d like to explain how this will happen and what role V (the BLOCKv token) will play in the revolution of the digital goods economy.

But first, watch this video! It shows two awesome developers walk through each step of transforming a virtual good into a real object that you can own, share and use!

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As you can see, BLOCKv empowers developers to create digital objects which end users can trade, redeem and use in any way they can imagine. With this powerful experiential layer that sits on top of the blockchain, this exciting technology will finally be useable by a wide audience worldwide.

The blockchain has enabled a slew of innovation and dreams for a better, more efficient world. Most of this dreaming has been centered around financial applications, which resulted in the booming cryptocurrency industry we are witnessing now. At BLOCKv we, we see the broader potential for blockchain as something that goes beyond a more efficient transfer of funds. Blockchain technology can lead the efficient transfer of virtual experiential goods.

You’ve seen it in the video:

  • Let’s say you’re playing a game: shooting snowballs from a Red Bull cannon to knock over snowmen
  • Each time you knock a snowman over, you earn a Red Bull can vAtom which you can add to your wallet app
  • These Red Bull vAtoms are unique and you are the only one who owns them. You can view these vAtoms in 3D to enjoy additional features, or you can take them to the grocery store to exchange for a real can of Red Bull
  • If you decide to exchange your Red Bull for a real can of Red Bull, the vAtom will turn into a scannable coupon and disappear from your wallet once the cashier scans it

This is just one example of how BLOCKv will bridge the gap between the real and the virtual, the blockchain and the mainstream.

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