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Exams are coming, concepts aren't clear, no time left. In a situation of complete chaos when your brain stops working, all you need is teacher who teaches you concepts from the scratch and gives you personal attention. Fixed timing, group of children and travelling all leads to wastage of time. The problem in this process is that parents don’t understand the need of a personal teacher. Parents send their wards to group tuition's for the sake of competition, where instead of learning the best of what they can, they end being confused and demotivated. It is,therefore, vital to understand that a child faces enough competition at school and while being tutored he is in search of personal attention. While a group tuition might be good for some students, but to clear the concepts it is imperative to have a private attention. Teachers are required who could teach your child from the scratch and help them clear their basics rather than just helping them to fetch marks. After all, it is not only important for your child to get marks, it is important for them to understand concepts and gain knowledge. Gone are the times when only scoring marks fetched you with a job. In today’s rapid and turbulent world, it is the ultimate knowledge that pays off.

On this platform, we at aimuno.com are here to provide you with the best of the services to make your child’s learning experience a joyous and refreshing one. We aim at catering the need of the students as and when required. Unlike other teachers, we do not expect or limit you with any future commitments or obligations. Also it gives you the opportunity to choose amongst the list of the teachers, who have been rated by the civic themselves, for you to have the best teaching experience. We bring to you a stand where you find the details about the teachers and choose amongst them which is best suitable for you. Also we attempt to fetch you teachers who live in your locality for a better customer service, as the appraisal of the customer is prime. The idea of this platform is unique in its own way which helps to create a welcoming learning atmosphere. It provides the children of all the classes from class 1st to 12th a collective of highly qualified teachers and student-targeted methods. Quality study and individual attention is of utmost importance for us.

Now, it’s evident how this platform helps to create peace with the children in this muddled mess. It aims to create a passive environment for children and their parents. And is the source through which we will give you the finest.

Keep supporting, Keep learning!

— Venture by IIT and DCE alumni who worked in big MNCs such as Amazon,Visa,Snapdeal etc. having more than 12+ combined years of experience.

Changing the way how tutoring is done till now !

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