Duniabooking 1st ICO Project Summary 2019

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Aug 13 · 2 min read

Hi Duniabooking Community!

First, we’d like to send thanks to all community members who are showing the attention and support to Duniabooking first ICO Project.

About our first token sale which is already finished, we realize that we are too fast to start selling tokens & we should ideally complete our products (duniabooking.com) up to beta products. After our beta product is complete and it can project the number of users on our platform, we will be starting again to selling our tokens and we think that it will increase the trust of the community and investors for our project. We are very aware that all is about building trust so we decide to pause our token sale. We also need to make a statement to all members of the Duniabooking community that no one as individuals or as the agency has been aggrieved during the course of our project. We’re accepting for your feedback as our data to make our consideration for better next token sale project.

So depending on that explanation, we officially announced to our community that our first ICO Project (Token Sales) was closed or ended with no extending time. Due to our limited resources, we have decided to focus on completing our product (Duniabooking Portal) until the beta product and we will resume to selling our tokens after that.

To the community members:
Because we have no sold token in overall of our token sale phase, then we have no obligation for accountability to individual members or agencies as we explained in the previous point. We using no agencies in our overall project (all token sale phase).

To airdrop & bounty program participants:
Bounty/airdrop program will keep running and we will continue to keep a record of your stakes. Because we’re pausing the ICO, current bounty program participants will be receiving tokens, when our ICO is restarted in the future as we explained before. We appreciate all your hard work in publishing articles, tweeting posts, your enthusiasm means a lot to us.

As always, please keep in touch with us to our main Telegram group & news channel to knows the progress of our project. Thank you very much.

Duniabooking Blog

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Duniabooking aims to become the leading of online booking platform based on Blockchain technology. duniabooking.io

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