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Jun 10 · 3 min read

We introduce Duniabooking as ‘The World’s 1st One-stop Booking Platform’ which it using Blockchain technology. By utilizing Blockchain technology and combining it with the One-stop Booking Platform concept, Duniabooking will be able to overcome the problems of the providers also the customers in any aspect and help them for better services and experiences.

As a technology partner, Duniabooking with a variety of features such as booking engines, marketplaces, trusted review systems, mobile application, and others, will be present to provide a better interaction experience between providers and consumers. By reducing costs for the use of third-party platforms, the vision of Duniabooking is to enable providers to focus on more resources in providing better value and services to consumers and users around the world.

duniabooking.com will be present in 1st Quartal of 2020 with Accommodations (hotels/villas, spa/massage/rentals) & Airline Tickets Booking Services. Then, we will develop Rental and Restaurant Modules.

To answer the challenges of intense market competition in the online booking platform, we realize that in order to create a pleasant experience and make it easier for consumers on every of their trips, we must make a display that is still simple but does not leave the experience of a more attractive user interface, has distinctive features and is different from other existing platforms.

We will present a complete review of crossed accommodation by the user like availability of villa’s packages option, a short introduction of the accommodation, location of accommodation in maps, real-time guess reviews & rating, and list of facilities and services of chosen accommodation.

There is also a complete accommodation result for the chosen location or city with a variety of price range, star rating, facilities, and property type.

After choosing the accommodation to depend on the needs, there will be redirected to the booking review page with the confirmation of room type, guest per room, check-in & check-out date, duration of stay, and price details as shown below.

To complete the order, the user will be redirected to the payment completion page. User can make an online payment using Crypto Currencies, Credit Card, Transfer Wise, Paypal, etc. For the direct payment menu also available with choosing ‘Payment at the venue’ option.

Some countries will not allowed crypto currencies as payment method. Providers, can hide the payment option for crypto currencies. They can provide the common payment option like bank transfer, credit card, paypal, etc. Everytime booking confirmation executed, it need the tokens called duniabooking token to pay the transaction fee over the blockchain’s network. It cost very low and no more commission paid by the providers.

Duniabooking Blog

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Duniabooking aims to become the leading of online booking platform based on Blockchain technology. duniabooking.io

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