Press Release of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism: Ubud, Bali Prepared to Become International Standard Gastronomic Tourism Destinations

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Ubud Prepared to Become an International Standard Gastronomic Tourism Destination.

Jakarta, 11 June 2019 — Ubud in Gianyar Regency, Bali, will be designated as a world gastronomic tourist destination according to standards and certifications issued by the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya at a press conference “Kick Off” establishing Ubud to be a gastronomic destination for the UNWTO standard prototype at the Hall of Soesilo Soedarman, Sapta Pesona Building, in Jakarta, Tuesday (06/11/2019), saying this Ubud determination would be an example for other destinations in Indonesia.

“Holistically the determination and assessment of Ubud as a gastronomic destination is the first in the world. And this is an example for other regions such as Bandung and Joglosemar (Jogja-Solo-Semarang), “said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya.

Minister of Tourism Arief also explained, there are three important stages in the process of making Ubud a world gastronomic destination. The first is to conduct an inventory of assets and gastronomic attractions including mapping the readiness of the industry and business actors which are then recorded in a report and submitted to UNWTO.

“This stage has been passed, indeed the process is about 1.5 years long and has become a book,” he said.

Second, continued the Minister, the assessment by UNWTO and carried out starting from the verification and analysis process through a fairly detailed method including 600 interviews to all gastronomic stakeholders, food and beverages, producers, hotels, restaurants, chefs, food festival initiators, regional governments, transportation providers, academics, and also local foreign tourists.

"The process in the field will last eight days in Ubud, Gianyar and its surroundings, while the questionares will be conducted online and offline for three weeks. At this stage planning and recommendation strategies are also carried out, "he said.

Third, recommendations that need to be implemented and carried out by stakeholders for the second assessment which is scheduled for early August 2019.

The press conference was also attended by the Chairman of Culinary and Shopping Tourism Acceleration Team of Tourism Ministry Vita Datau, UNWTO Project Specialist Aditya Amaranggana and UNWTO Lead Experts Roberta Garibaldi.

Vita Datau added, if all the processes were carried out correctly, then Ubud could be designated as a gastronomic tourist destination for the UNWTO prototype, which is in accordance with the gastronomy destination development guideline of UNWTO.

To be stated as a prototype, there are five standard criteria for Gastronomic Destinations for UNWTO including lifestyle, local products, culture and history, stories behind food, and nutrition and health.

The application of this standard is important because it will become a benchmark for Indonesia and the target after Bali will soon be duplicated to JogloSemar and Bandung.

“Indonesia is rich in a variety of potentials because the geographical area and the large variety of landscape. This gastronomy is most likely to provide welfare from upstream to downstream, so that people feel the impact, “her said.

Guntur Sakti Head of the Public Communication Bureau of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism

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