19 Reasons Why You Should Unlock Your Own Bankable Digital Assets With the Jasiri App 🚀

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12 min readJul 1, 2024


💥Jasiri App is the World’s First Asset Tokenization Platform for Your Valuable Consumer Electronic Purchases.

Jasiri — The World’s 1st Asset Tokenization Platform for Your Valuable Consumer Electronic Purchases

💥Jasiri is a simple-to-use platform packed with so many powerful features 👏👏 that help you experience the full financial and economic value of your recently purchased smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and tablets on Amazon, Alibaba or Aliexpress— but, ❓ why should you care? 🤔

But before we dig into that, let’s first of all do our best to explain the ‘Jasiri App’ to you, as if you were 🍼4 years old 😄.

Let’s go:

When you buy a new toy, like a phone 📴 or a computer💻, from a special store, Jasiri makes sure that toy can do something special!

It is like a super-duper magic wand you can use to turn those new toys into secret treasures that will help you get money and also show mommy, daddy, and your friends that those toys are really yours!

Here are the 19 Reasons Why You Should Unlock Your Digital Assets With the Jasiri App: 👇

1. Self-sovereign, User-owned Data 🔐

We’re not a Big Tech firm, so we don’t sell your personal data. You won’t find any Big Tech sign-in/sign-up options in our app 🚫📱.

Your purchase information, linked to your Jasiri property titles, is stored transparently on a public blockchain database. You own this data completely, and even we can’t take it away from you 🔗💪.

Your account and its related data are 100% in your custody as you possess its private keys 🔑💼.

2. A Common Record 📒 For Your Valuables 📴 💻

Unlock digital assets from your tech gadgets and receive a property title purchasable with USDC (US Digital Dollar Token). This title logs your asset’s data on a globally distributed public blockchain, verifiable worldwide 🌐.

If you lose your smartphone as an example, this data acts as a powerful proof-of-ownership since it’s unchangeable, aiding law enforcement later on! 📱🔐👮‍♂️

The Bank of Italy 🏦🇮🇹 utilizes the Algorand Blockchain for its Digital Sureties program because Algorand’s blockchain does not split (fork). That is the exact same use case that Jasiri provides here for your recently purchased tech gadgets!🔗

Acquiring your asset’s property title 📜 is affordable, with a one-time fee of just 3.99% of your asset’s US Dollar valueno subscriptions, no renewal fees!💲✨

Buy a property title using USDC(US Dollar Digital Token)

3. Empowering You As A Consumer 🏪

Unlocking digital assets from your purchases is like saving money 💳. Regardless of the price you paid for it, you’ll get up to 70% of the value credited to your wallet as fungible digital assets 💰.

This is very similar to how, for example, Staci, a business owner, owns shares of her business. Now, with Jasiri, you own digital shares of your valuable tech gadgets as fungible digital assets. Staci can trade her shares, borrow against them without selling her business, or liquidate (exchange) them entirely for cash. So, why can’t we do the same with our valuable tech gadgets!? That’s where Jasiri comes in for you and your valuable consumer electronic online purchases🚀!

This is even way better than loyalty points from stores! 🛍️✨

4. Global Access 🌐

Amazon.com , Alibaba.com , and Aliexpress.com all ship to 100+ countries across the globe.

Samsung Galaxy Phone on Sale on Amazon.com ; Amazon ships to 100+ countries across the globe

Whether you are based in the US, Nigeria, Ireland, Mexico, Sweden, Kenya, or Germany, and many more countries — You can shop for smartphones 📱, laptops 💻, or tablets📱 wherever you are 🌍, get them shipped to your house… download our E-commerce 🛒 Chrome Extension(globally available) and Mobile Vault/Wallet(globally available), and unlock bankable digital assets from your already purchased tech gadgets.

Global Shipping; Global Trade. Amazon, Alibaba, and Aliexpress ship to 100+ countries across the globe

5. Sound For Your Household Budget

Consumer electronic products are largely deflationary 💹, globally, for several reasons:

✅ Technological Advancements: Improved tech leads to a more efficient and lower cost of production.

✅ Economies of Scale: Higher production volumes reduce unit costs.

✅ Competition: Intense market competition drives prices down.

✅ Component Costs: Key component prices decrease over time.

✅ Market Saturation: Saturated markets push companies to lower prices to stimulate demand.

For example, in the US, the price of electronics decreased by 1.0% over the past year despite overall inflation averaging +3.3%.

Buying deflationary assets like electronics can help protect your savings from inflation, in today’s largely inflationary global economy.

Many markets globally are facing high rates of inflation. This definitely a good time to buy deflationary assets, to protect your savings, and smartphones, laptop, tablets, and smartwatches are good asset buys.

6. A Suite Of Integrations

Jasiri is integrated with other useful, exciting apps like NFDomains , Walletconnect, and Onramper.

Our integration with NFDomains allows you to put a name on your portfolio of unlocked assets using your .algo domain .

Customize Your Personal Capital Account on Jasiri using your NFDomain!

Walletconnect helps you connect your capital account to the Jasiri E-commerce Chrome Extension, and to many blockchain applications over the web, without exposing the private key of your account!

Onramper helps you buy US Dollars from your bank account or any fintech app.

7. Capital Appreciation For Your Assets📈

Did you know the price appreciation of most tech gadgets often exceeds the average returns of bonds💵, most cryptocurrencies💸, and gold🥇?

For a long time, there has been no infrastructure to harness the price appreciation of tech gadgets into real financial returns for the average consumer. This is where Jasiri App comes in!🚀

If you had bought a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet 📱 in 2014 (assuming Jasiri existed), you would have seen returns of 84.46% and 70.14%(Wikipedia, PhoneArena), respectively, outperforming🚀📈 many major traditional asset classes, over the past decade. Here’s the contrast:

  • U.S. real estate 🏠: 7–8% average annual return
  • Gold🥇: 1–2% average annual return
  • U.S. Treasury bonds💵: 2–3% average annual return
Gold x A Samsung Phone x US Real Estate, when it comes to capital appreciation performance over the decade

In the graph above, we used US Real Estate Median Home Price, rounded off to 1000. Gold is also rounded off to 1000. Samsung Phone prices(for every new device of the same gadget and brand) remain intact.

Buying smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches, is therefore an affordably great investment and these gadgets are great stores of value!

Looking into the future, we can only expect even greater stable price appreciation for these assets, thanks to:

  1. Stronger Demand for Advanced Features: We consumers often desire devices with the latest 🤖 AI(Artificial Intelligence) capabilities and faster processors, which will continue to drive up prices.
Samsung’s latest smartphone has powerful AI capabilities

2. Increasing Production Costs: Newer chip technologies are usually initially expensive to produce, which, coupled with US-China trade wars, will increase the cost of manufacturing tech devices.

Market Index For The Tech Gadgets Tokenized On Jasiri, Per Brand and Per Gadget

For our market index, we have picked the strongest, self-sustaining global consumer electronics brands and their signature gadgets, they are:

  • Apple — smartphone(iPhone), laptop(MacBook), tablet(iPad), smartwatch(Apple Watch)
  • Samsung — smartphone(Galaxy Phone), laptop(Galaxy Book), tablet(Galaxy Tab), and smartwatch(Galaxy Watch)
  • Lenovo — smartphone(IdeaPhone/LePhone), laptop(Lenovo Laptop), tablet, smartwatch
  • Oppo — smartphone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch
  • Vivo — smartphone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch
  • Oneplus — smartphone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch
  • Sony — smartphone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch
  • Google — smartphone(Pixel Phone), laptop, tablet, smartwatch
  • LG — smartphone(LG is no longer producing new versions of this), laptop, tablet, smartwatch
  • Huawei — smartphone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch
  • Xiaomi — smartphone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch
  • Realme — smartphone, laptop, tablet, smartwatch

Make sure, when you are buying tech gadgets from Amazon.com and the rest of the stores we support, that they are of the above-mentioned brands.

You’ll also notice that each gadget has a name for its digital financial asset replica on Jasiri, for example, the Apple’s Smartphone(the iPhone) is represented using the ticker ‘tIPHONE’. View more assets and their ticker symbols and names, on the Jasiri Web Console Home Page below:

In the next major version, those will be the trading ticker symbols for your assets. Yes, just like how company stock, bonds, and commodities traded in public markets are identified using ticker symbols e.g NVDA — Nvidia Corp.

Note: The financial asset replica of your gadgets follows the price of the branded gadget long-term and the individual device short-term before the next release. This complexity ensures your tokenized tech gadgets are true financial assets, and have the unpredictability of traditional financial assets like company stocks and bonds. We will share more intricacies about this with time.

8. Natively Built On Algorand

Jasiri is natively built on Algorand, a powerful layer-1 public blockchain database known for its security, scalability, and decentralization.

Why Algorand?

  • High Transaction Speed: Algorand can process over 1,000 transactions per second, with ongoing improvements to increase this capacity. This ensures that transactions on Jasiri are equally fast.
  • Low Transaction Fees: The average transaction fee on Algorand is around 0.001 ALGO, significantly lower than many other blockchain platforms. Jasiri does not charge any additional fees for users, except during tokenization, where we charge 1 ALGO to prevent network spamming and return it to your wallet after you tokenize your purchases​

9. Real-world Assets(RWA) Are The Future Of Global Financial Markets

From carbon credits to real estate, traditional stocks, government bonds, wine, watches, jewelry💍, and metals, a wide range of assets are being tokenized on public blockchains globally. These are known as ‘Real-World Assets’ (RWAs).

Jasiri App is the world’s first RWA Tokenization platform to tokenize your valuable consumer electronics purchases!

As of June 2024, RWA tokens have outperformed a BTC/ETH portfolio in both raw price performance and risk-adjusted returns. According to Artemis Terminal, RWA tokens had a 58% performance last month, compared to Ethereum’s 26.1% and Bitcoin’s 18.2%​ (Aliteq)​​ (CoinDesk)​.

Remember that consumer electronics are built off of very valuable minerals. An iPhone has pieces of Peruvian Gold, Chinese rare Earth Metals, Congolese Cobalt, and American Glass. We cover more on the latter in our previous article titled — ”Unlock Your Dead Capital Today”.

Jump on the RWA Tokenization wave, with the Jasiri App, before its too late!

10. Stable Assets, Diversified Portfolio 💰

Compared to most cryptocurrencies, the assets being tokenized on the Jasiri App show more stable price appreciation over time as they are influenced by improvements in technology, consumer demand, and market competition 📈.

However, cryptocurrencies, exhibit higher volatility due to factors such as market sentiment, regulatory changes, and technological developments.

If you are an investor or trader, you should therefore buy that smartphone on Amazon.com, tokenize it using Jasiri, and add it to your portfolio for diversification and risk management purposes 💼.

Diversification, and risk management are the practices of smart, successful investors 🌟.

11. 😊Friendly For Non-technicals & Beginners

Log in and create a capital account using the Jasiri Wallet/Vault the same way you log in to your smartphone device. A highly secure, self-custody, but still so simple wallet to use even for your grandma 👵— Jasiri Wallet/Vault is honestly one of a kind📱🔒!

Creating A Self-custody Capital Account On The Jasiri Vault/Wallet

12. ⚖️Legal Protection For Your Assets

Tech gadgets, as we mentioned in this previous Medium blog, are ‘dead capital’. Dead capital is a form of capital(also ‘RWA’ as called in the crypto space) that is unrecognized by modern financial institutions.

Another feature of Dead Capital💀 is that, in their nature, these assets are neither legal nor illegal but extralegal.

That is problematic, because, it means that your tech gadgets, wherever from the world you are owning it, do not receive the full protection of the law.

Mint An Ownership Title On The Extension

And so, again, this is another reason why you need to tokenize them on Jasiri, and mint & buy legal property title for it.

Silvio Micali, Algorand’s Founder, explains how blockchain technology legally protects your assets.

13. 🎁Liquid ALGO Rewards As You Use The App

For every task you complete, using the extension to tokenize, unlock, and own your assets with Jasiri… you get ALGO Token rewards credited to your wallet.

Get liquid rewards(in the Algorand Native Token) by completing milestones

14. 🔧Maintenance For Your Assets

You can apply maintenance to your tokenized assets, which is essential before trading them.

Unlike platforms for tokenizing physical assets such as Swiss watches and wine, Jasiri does not require you to physically send us your assets because maintenance on Jasiri works like insurance and it locks in your asset’s value on the platform’s smart contracts, reducing counter-party risk.

Additionally, maintenance includes the benefit of free or subsidized repairs from our partners, although this feature is currently inactive as we are still focused on user onboarding.

We encourage you to first become familiar with tokenizing your purchases, and purchasing property titles before we can activate it. At least buy 1, or 2 valuable tech gadgets, tokenize them, and buy their corresponding property titles.

Apply Maintenance For Your Assets On Jasiri

You also get maintenance rewards for keeping your gadget undamaged during the same period it was locked for.

15. 🔍🛡️Verification Technology For Your Gadgets

Right before you apply maintenance for your assets, the web app will pop up a QR Code 📷, or send a link to your email📧 through which it runs a verification process of your device.

Verify your title and its underlying asset on the Jasiri Web Console

16. Enhanced Value for High-Utility Assets

In today’s world, devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches play crucial roles in our daily lives as valuable tools.

🎥Content creators use their iPhones for video production, 👩‍💻software developers rely on their laptops for coding and innovation, and 👩‍💼 office managers use them to organize their work.

Tokenizing these assets with Jasiri enhances their value, transforming them into bankable digital assets. This allows users to exchange them for cash or cryptocurrencies, adding another layer of utility to already essential gadgets.

The fungible digital assets, and ownership rights you unlock will definitely be tradeable on exchanges for the liquidity needed to make them highly exchangeable. Until we make an announcement on that, keep on tokenizing your valuable consumer electronic purchases, and bringing along your friends to Jasiri!

17. Earn from Your Gadgets Without Selling Them

With Jasiri, you can unlock 🔓the value of your gadgets, without selling them. By tokenizing them on our platform, you retain ownership while earning and capitalizing 📈 from their tokenized digital asset representations.

💡 This approach parallels how billionaires like Elon Musk leverage their company shares for financing without selling them outright, allowing you to capitalize on your gadgets’ value without losing ownership💎 🙌 .

Yes, make billionaire moves with Jasiri! 😉

18. De-Fi Opportunities

As more users join Jasiri and bring their assets, our goal is to integrate with user-friendly De-Fi platforms.

Here, you can borrow against your unlocked bankable digital assets and trade ownership rights using our market index📊💱 for pricing.

💡Imagine this: John Woods, our friend, owns a $1,000 smartphone. By tokenizing it on Jasiri, he creates $700 worth of fungible digital assets. John can then use these assets as collateral for loans on a De-Fi platform, participate in yield farming, or trade it on decentralized exchanges — efficiently utilizing his capital to generate returns or provide liquidity without selling his physical smartphone. The possibilities are endless 🔄!

19. Asset-backed Token Economics

The digital asset used to denominate the USD value of your purchased gadgets is represented as UNLOCK(Algorand Standard Asset ID: 1256765304).

Each minted 0.7 UNLOCK unit is backed by $1 of your asset’s value. This approach ensures sound token economics with zero token inflation, unlike many other blockchain protocols that continuously mint new tokens without any real-world backing.

Unlock up to 70% of the USD value of your recently purchased smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or laptop

What’s your favorite benefit of unlocking your assets with the Jasiri App? Did we miss any? Feel free to let us know or tweet us!

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