When I first learned of podcasts I was sure that they were “not for me.” I have always been a music lover so naturally when I am sitting down to work or blog, I pop on my favorite playlist and make magic happen. Then, with any free time I have in my life, I usually spend it with a book or my favorite YouTubers. So, the fact that I am now an avid podcast listener is a shock to me as much as it is to those who know me.

It all started at work, when instead of hitting my Soundcloud app, I tapped on the Podcast app and decided to give one a try. I had heard that my girl, Liz Gilbert, had one based on her book Big Magic (see more below) and thought I would give it a go. Since that day my subscribed list has grown quite extensively and I am always on the hunt for new ones to add. I’m even turning into that friend who is constantly recommending a podcast for you to listen to. In fact, I am going to be that friend to all of you right now. Looking for travel-inspired podcasts to listen to while you dream up your next trip? Here are four of my favorite travel inspired podcasts to listen to.

ZERO TO TRAVEL || Jason Moore

So let’s say that much like me, you want to make travel more than just your once a year week-long vacation. Problem is you might be a little unsure of yourself or completely lost on how to get started with this change. Well, to start keep reading this blog for some guidance and then start listening to this podcast. While I settled on my new life plan with Aaron long before finding this podcast, Jason Moore and all of his guests have fueled my desire to create a new life for myself while trotting around the globe. There are episodes on all sorts of topics like: how to make money while on the road, ways to stay in a new country for free and how to use travel to build a business.


This podcast is very similar in it’s format to that of Zero to Travel. Travis has amazing input from his own travel experiences and floods the episodes with guests that are also a hub of travel knowledge. I also really love how Travis questions the hell out of every guest he has on. It really allows you to get a full perspective on how each person makes their way around the globe. Also, be sure to check out the Destination Diary series where they highlight various spots around the World and let you in on the must-sees while you are there.

TROPICAL MBA || Dan Andrews & Ian Schoen

It should be said that while the other podcasts on this list have a light-hearted feel to them, Tropical MBA definitely comes with a business vibe. Maybe it is because I have spent the past 10 years in a corporate environment, but I don’t totally hate this aspect of the podcast. I like how they play on values and business related tactics that always tie back to being location independent. The reality is that if you want to travel full time, you are going to need a source of income and this podcast gives you a lot of information on how to make that happen. Listening to these guys has been a great educational tool for me as Aaron and I continue to push for a lifestyle where working remotely is our new norm.

MAGIC LESSONS || Elizabeth Gilbert

Are you guys sick of me talking about Elizabeth Gilbert on the blog yet? Well, get used to it because I am sure it will happen a lot more in the future. If you have not read Big Magic yet, please get your shit together and do so. This book will force you to get off your ass and get creative whether you want to or not. This podcast will do the same thing. While both the book and the podcast are not specifically linked to travel, they are both focused on you chasing your dreams and if you are reading this blog, that’s close enough. The typical episode of this podcast goes something like this: a listener/fan of Liz writes in detailing the roadblocks standing in front of their pursuit of their dreams. Liz then calls them up and talks to them about their creativity, what they want in life, and what exactly the is the big thing preventing them from going for it. The amazing Elizabeth Gilbert will then grace us all with her compelling and prodigious advice and also invites another accomplished guest to join her in the discussion. Once you start listening to this, you won’t want to turn it off!

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