Remember the good ol’ days when I used to post Foodie-Grams? Oh how I miss those times. So much so, that I am transforming the series into one that features my favorite travel Instagam accounts. Here are some accounts you should be following if you want to wander the World from your phone.

Name look familiar? It should because this here Instagram was created by yours truly and I am quite proud of it. I have been using my Instagram (@rachelinflight) to capture all of my travels along with everything else that I love. However, I wanted to find a way to build a community for travel lovers and so I created this here account. This is a place where not only can you find my travel pics, but also incredible photographs from all over the World by other travelers

Say hello to one of my favorite travel blogs. Along Dusty Roads is the travel diary of one adorable couple who have been living abroad full time. Their street photography is hands down my favorite out right now and I visit their blog for my own travel inspiration weekly. I also have a love for Emily’s take (and tips) on being a girl who is on the road full-time.

Of all the places that we are set to visit this Spring, Italy is by far the country I am most excited to step into. Not only is it the motherland for my family, but have you seen the architecture there? This is also the reason I fell deep in love with Marco’s Instagram account. I was immediately enamored with his collection of photos from all over Italy. I may not be able to read every caption (they are written in Italian), but I sure can drool over every photo.

Tanya has mastered the ultimate travel photo. In fact, her Instagram account is filled with hundreds of bold beautiful shots from all over the World and you are sure to feel envious and you scroll through her feed. Her photos are filled alluring colors that make you feel like you could climb right into the picture. She also runs a blog that is overflowing with even more great photos and travel tips.

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Please note: This post was first featured on my website, RachelInFlight.