Written by Anisha Ajmani

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Despite being a young, 4-year old car-sharing startup, Udrive leverages trip and location data to inform its Customer Acquisition strategies. In this ‘data is the new oil’ age, collecting and analyzing data has become an unspoken mandate for all companies, big or small. And the benefits of doing so are large and significant.

A common problem early stage start-ups face is the shortage of [useful] data to conduct even basic analytics. Unlike huge organizations, start-ups have limited users and hence it becomes difficult to get statistically significant insights when running A/B tests or measuring engagement.

Does this mean there is no room for analytics in a start-up?

Written by Ushma Kapadia

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Further to our analysis of ‘Study from Facebook’, a recent development caught our eye — Facebook launched what it refers to as a ‘market research app’ — Facebook Viewpoints.

At this stage, it sounds pretty much an extension of Facebook’s June 2019 launch of Study from Facebook. Users are invited to the app, then invited to surveys that award a set number of points. Once the user reaches a set number of points, Facebook sends x amount to the user, via PayPal.

Like its earlier counterpart, Viewpoints data is meant for improving Facebook products like Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook itself. To what extent Viewpoints works for Facebook is yet to be ascertained, given its recent launch. What is known for sure is that there is precedent set by others like Google’s Opinion Rewards app, which boasts of 1 million Google Play reviews and a 4.4 star rating. …

A start-up journey is no less than a roller coaster ride, replete with ups and downs and unexpected turns.

Getting data science and analytics right can smoothen the ride. Most start-up founders know that data science can enable significant business wins. Yet, over-dosed by information, not too many know how to kick off the function within their organization.

Here’s our take on common mistakes that start-ups end up making, while chasing the data science dream:

Focusing on Metrics and not the Goal

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Too often, start-ups get lost in the scramble of real-time analytics and end up chasing tactical, moving targets.

Or, they end up focusing on vanity metrics instead of the larger business outcomes they set out to achieve. Without focused pursuit of data science outcomes, they run the risk of rewriting history as new data emerges. …


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