Auckland: Fascinating Sights and Dizzying Heights

Auckland is a fiery treat for all those who are always on the lookout for that spunk in their vacation destination. Set atop the Auckland Volcanic Field, the spark is still very much there but in a totally harmless way. The 48 volcanoes that make up this field have been confirmed to be extinct making it all the more fun for you to walk all over them and glance upon the unique local flora and fauna that rests on its sceneries making it all the more picturesque than it already is. Your journey to here is made doubly blissful for you with cheap flights to Auckland.

In a city which is loved not only by the tourists all over the globe but locals too, you have plenty of swoon-worthy sights to keep you guessing with delight around every nook and cranny. The grand cityscape might take you in its awe but all that hesitation will melt away as soon as you strike up a conversation with one of the locals, who are very easy-going and helpful. If you are planning on leaving behind the citylife and take plunge into the island culture then go for the Rangitoto Island. Flights to Auckland will leave you right at its doorstep and you will be overcome with joy once you step in.

The island serves as one of the many spell-binding landmarks of the city, each being distinctively gifted in one way or the other. This island is known for its iconic shield volcanoes among other things. Being the largest and the youngest of all the volcanoes in the area, there is a lot more to see and experience here than on any other dormant volcano in the vicinity. The highly fertile volcanic soil has nourished more than 200 flower and tree species on this island. As colourful and beautiful pōhutukawa trees already are, this place takes that charisma to a notch higher by presenting its largest forest to you in the planet. People often book Air tickets to Auckland to continue exploring the best of this site that fortunately never runs out of spectacular surprises.

It is not just the multi-coloured trees but the local flowers collection also manages to mesmerise the onlookers. More than 40 different varieties of ferns and even more varied orchids are present at regular intervals on this land. You can also see the volcanic mountains in various different stages here right from the raw lava to uneven chunks of scrub. This will give you a good enough picture of what is left behind right after the explosive volcanic eruption comes to an end and things start to cool down.