Breathtaking beaches for leisure and fun

If we say that Rio de Janeiro is all about its breathtaking beaches, it is definitely not an over-statement. The stunning coastline of the vibrant city offers a perfect chance to indulge in leisure and fun. With wide-spread sandy beaches, year-round sunshine and plenty of fascinating indulgences in addition to a carnival-like atmosphere, Rio provides more than enough reasons to cheer. No wonder the beaches of the Rio de Janeiro are frequently voted in the list of top ten beach cities of the world by esteemed magazines and surveys. Tickets to Rio de Janeiro are a guarantee to loads of sea-side adventure, soccer, food and drinks and ample spaces for a tranquil or a bustling vacation.

Must Visit Beaches

Copacabana: The interesting mix of Brazilian ethnic, cultural and social diversity in combination with dramatic beaches attracts millions of tourists each year to enjoy their beach holidays. Plenty of sunshine all round the year, tropical climate, beautiful setting, luxurious accommodation, white sands and plenty of beach activities including volleyball, water sports and beach parties make the site an ideal place to explore the infectious Brazilian vibes.

Ipanema: Located between Leblon and Arpoador regions, the Ipanema Beach is a swanky option for sea-side fun. The bustling sea coast is a favourite place for tourists as well as locals. The grey stretch of sand is covered with a number of cafes, bars and restaurants in green surroundings and it provides enough options for water sports. The busy tourist spot is also famous for clean waters, rough waves and the exciting neighbourhood.

Leblon: This is the most tranquil and cleanest beach of Rio. Located near the Ipanema beach, the Leblon beach boasts most expensive and most stylish neighbourhood of the region. The beach is popular among families and tourists who like to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere to spend some exclusive time with loved ones or even alone. Leblon offers strong undercurrents so it is not ideal for swimming far but it is a perfect place to soak up the sun and take a blissful nap.

Barra de Tijuca: Popularly known as the Miami of Brazil, Barra de Tijuca attracts loads of surfers, windsurfers and fishing lovers. It has a long stretch of stunning coastline of 18 kilometres and it hosted many Olympic events in 2016. It was also home to the Olympic Village for the 2016 Olympic Games and is becoming more and more popular every year.

Get cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro to catch sun, sea, sand and loads of other mesmerising attractions. Travellers can enjoy surfing, jogging, swimming or simply people watching. Apart from stunning and fun-filled beaches Rio de Janeiro offer loads other wondrous attractions to explore and to provide enough pleasure to spend some fascinating time.

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