San Francisco: Riding High on the Cable Cars

There are few things that go out of trend even before you can hear about them and then there are others, such as the San Francisco’s Cable Car System, whose age only add more charm to them. As the only transportation system of its kind left in entire America, you might as well hurry and get your cheap tickets to San Francisco from UK booked today before it becomes too good for us mortals. As one of the headlining attraction of the city, whenever you are here, you must see it twirl at least once.

This scenic mode of commute is a fine postcard memory for many people who have had their near and dear ones mail them this interesting souvenirs and stationary with this very structure imprinted all over them. Just hop one of these trolleys from the various stations spread all over the metropolitan and you will be floating along with the clouds in no time. As you pass yet another hill on your way, you will feel those goosebumps like you used to do as a kid in your favourite fair of the year. Cheap flights to San Francisco will make getting on this ride of a lifetime all the more easier for you if you just book them right now and be done with it already.

You can either purchase the ticket for a single tour or get a one day pass priced at mere $20 for a number of rides all day. This pass is also valid for streetcars, Muni Metro and Muni for unlimited number of trips. If you particularly like this experience and want to make it your primary source of commute for as long as you are in the this breathtaking town, go for the 3-day or 7-day pass, depending upon your itinerary as scheduled with flights to San Francisco.