Seychelles — A tropical vacation to cherish forever

Seychelles — an immaculate hideaway of sandy stretches, aquamarine sea, clear skies, granite cliffs and lush greenery — is the ideal destination for a vacation of a lifetime. For most visitors, it is the island’s immense beauty that is its main draw. For others, besides the breathtaking visual treats, the adventure possibilities that it offers is a bigger attraction. Whatever the reasons, Seychelles is absolutely gorgeous and also one of the most visited regions of the world. It provides an exceptional experience to every kind of travellers.

Whether you choose to travel with family or are looking for a romantic holiday, Seychelles vacation meets all criteria and budget. The tropical paradise has quiet, secluded beaches for the honeymooners, a variety of underwater tours and adventure activities for the thrill seekers and exclusive spa sessions for those looking for rejuvenation. The country exudes an irresistible appeal and this is the reason why people from all parts of the globe book their direct flights to Seychelles to soak up its untouched atmosphere and to live many unforgettable moments amidst the comforts of nature.

Here are a few things you must do when you are in Seychelles.

Spend your time basking on a beach

Seychelles is an idyllic tropical island and has as many stretches of white sandy beaches as you can think of. Surrounded by turquoise waters and with a pleasant climate, these beaches are the perfect escape to enjoy the panoramic vistas and the mesmerising serenity. Spend your days basking under the warm sun and the beautiful blue sky or go on a barefoot stroll on the pristine sands or while away the afternoon soaking up the atmosphere and waiting for the perfect sunset view. There are many beaches to choose from. Anse à la Mouche, Anse Aux Pins and Turtle Bay, Anse Boileau Beach, Anse Bonnet Carré, Anse Boudin, Anse Cocos, Anse Forbans and Anse Georgette are some well-known ones.

Explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites

Vallée de Mai National Park and Aldabra Atoll are the two World Heritage Sites of Seychelles archipelago.

Vallée de Mai, on Praslin Island, is home to many endangered species of flora and fauna. Its highlight however, is a prehistoric forest that preserves about 4000 Coco de Mer palms. Different types of lizards and birds are also found here.

Aldabra Atoll is the world’s largest raised coral atoll and is home to the largest population of giant tortoises and thousands of endemic birds and plants. This place is a strictly protected area but is worth exploring despite difficulties in accessibility.

Discover the colourful underwater world

Mahe Island has several diving sites that offer a great experience to underwater adventure lovers. The waters are clear enhancing the visibility factor. There are expansive reefs, canyons and wrecks brimming with colourful fishes and diverse coral life and so diving in the waters here an absolute pleasure. The best time for scuba diving and snorkelling are the months during the months of March, April and May and September, October and November. There are options for both amateurs and professional divers.

There’s nothing more appealing to man than the wonders of nature. This is why most travellers always natural destinations in their travel bucket-list, wherein Seychelles enjoys a position at the top. People book their cheap tickets to Seychelles from UK to enjoy a perfect beach holiday along with many other unmatched experiences. Grab your tickets now and see for yourself why Seychelles remains so special in the world of travel and tourism.