Technology has made the world a global village by ushering in the era of digitized industries globally. Today every industry is fast becoming a digital network-connecting businesses and business people from around the world for the sole purpose of trade and commerce. Blockchain technology opened a new area in today’s industrial evolution; it stands out for being a unique e-commerce technology and the first of its kind. Digitization, security, transparency and decentralization are the core advantages the blockchain technology has over other e-commerce technologies. Today, a handful of blockchain projects are springing up here and there, digitizing industries globally. The team at Opu Labs seeks to digitize the skincare solution industry by integrating the blockchain technology among others.

 In today’s global world, the skincare industry has grown to a multibillion industry, thanks to the growing demand of skincare products and services by the teeming number of worldwide users who are faced with various skin conditions. However Independent researchers in the skincare industry do suggest that a greater percentage of people with skin conditions still do not have access to expertise advice of professional dermatologists on the appropriate skincare products to use in the treatment of skin conditions; they instead seek and get advice from social media platforms, friends, product marketers, and pharmaceuticals. Globally there is a gap between skincare professionals and skincare solution seekers. Thus, there is a need for a global platform-more like a global ecosystem, where skincare professionals will be able to meet the needs of these skincare solution seekers. Besides the gap challenge, there are other factors that do hinder these skincare solution seekers from getting apt skincare solutions such as confusion, availability, time, trust, budget and progress, as seen in the visual aid below.

These factors are expounded below.
• Confusion 
Consumers complain about the presence of too many 
 Products and services with multiple functions, they want personalized recommendations that they can have confidence in without having to spend time and money researching and testing multiple options.

• Availability 
12% of consumers get skincare advice from professional dermatologists, but over 80% would like advice from them in purchasing products but there is a dearth of these skincare professionals globally.

• Time 
User surveys indicate that consumers typically spend 8–10 hours 
 Per month researching and evaluating skincare products while those 
 Responding to skincare product advertisements typically spend 5–10 days doing research online before making a purchase decision.

• Trust 
Skincare advertisements with exaggerated and generalized claims have contributed to a lack of consumer confidence. In many developing countries communication with patients is often conducted using unsecured messaging apps.

• Budget 
Consumers struggle to find cost-effective solutions.

• Progress
 When a consumer realizes a product being used is not having the desired effect on his/her skin condition, there is likelihood to discontinue usage.


Opu Labs in the bid to bridge the global gap between skincare professionals and skincare patients; even more so address other skincare market challenges, targets to pioneer a global digital solutions platform for skincare measurement, management and monitoring. 
Opu global digital skincare solutions market place will allow the swapping of data, information, and rewards such that benefits are channeled to patients, dermatologists, treatment centers, brand specialists, and product manufacturers and in order to achieve this feat the integration of apt technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), blockchain technology, big data, search, image analysis and e-commerce will be adopted systematically. There is also a provision for rewarding users who contribute information and insights to the viability of the platform and these rewards or rather incentives are done using the Ethereum-backed crypto-coins. Opu global digital skincare solutions market place is a robust ecosystem as shown in the diagram below.


There are two core marketing objectives of Opu Labs and they are:
• Acquire Consumers –we want engaged and skincare-aware individuals to join our community. We’ll provide them with free intelligent skin analyses, access to solutions and recommendations, and give them the opportunity to earn Opu Coins for participating.

• Attract Professionals –we want solutions providers, dermatologists, and brand professionals to join the community, contribute analyses, attract new users, and encourage Opu Coin transactions.


1. Opu AI –machine learning technology that analyzes, compares, and recommends treatment solutions.

2. Opu Search –a search platform that provides treatment information from consumer skincare service providers and e-commerce partners.

3. Opu Coin (OPU) –the platform’s native crypto coins (known as ERC-20tokens) that act as a currency for our skincare marketplace and Opu loyalty programs.
 4. Opu Connect –an opt-in service for product testing.
 5. Opu CRM –a customer support tool which includes image markup and patient tracking tools. Also has a marketing and advertisement stack.


Opu is powered by blockchain technology (ethereum blockchain) in order to ensure the secured storage and swap of information between consenting parties. Other pros of this integration include:

• It ensures that Opu coin based system works together with the wider technology capabilities. 
• Providing skincare professionals with the technology services needed to expand their competences and reducing patient load
• It will help users to tap into collective knowledge in an ecosystem guarded by trust.
• Ensure the secure and transparent swap of data
• Offer cryptocurrency incentives to encourage participation
• Reward skincare and consumers for completing activities that benefit the community

Transactions will be made on Opu using an electronic currency token native to Opu called the Opu coin. This token is supported by the ethereum cryptocurrency. 
These are tokens given to anyone who makes a valuable contribution to our community. Say a customer submits their skincare data to our AI platform or a sign up for a dermatologist’s clinical trial or a new skincare brand wants to use decentralized data to find a user group for a new product. OPU will become their standard payment method. Once received, Opu Coins will be exchangeable for fiat or non-fiat currencies at cryptocurrency exchanges.


Opu as a global skincare management solution provider will be useful to the following categories of people: 
• 80% female and 20% male
• Aged 18–35
• Having internet access via a Smartphone or tablet 
• Interested in skincare and personal care solutions 
• New mothers, pregnant women, office workers, and college students 
• Highly educated
• Those who spend an average of $75 per month on skincare products and services


In case you are looking for reasons to join this moving train, hear this-Opu digitized skincare solution industry offers ample benefits to its users. These benefits are put in place to ensure clients satisfaction and long term participation. Even more so there are hallmarks associated with Opu, all are listed below.
• Recommended treatment solutions based on the world’s most comprehensive skincare product database

• A community of skincare professionals and a community of other consumers with whom they can connect with securely to share skincare experiences

• Virtual consultation with professionals

• Platform for managing scheduling, referrals and commissions


• Opu is the first of its kind platform for the skincare industry. It is a unique app that combines the power of blockchain technology with a robust rewards model.

• Opu Coin will be the pioneer digital currency of the skincare market. It will power the ecosystem that runs on the robust blockchain network.

• The platform is driven by AI & big data technology, a skin analysis engine, an e-Commerce function and community support. This automatically gives Opu an edge in the global skincare industry.

• Our forecasts assume a relatively low market penetration rate which creates significant growth opportunities for the platform with a finite token supply.
• Opu Coin will generate a high value for the global skincare market, which has been largely untapped due to structural inefficiencies for product manufacturers operating in multiple regions.
• As an individual, not only will you be rewarded with Opu Coin for completing various tasks, but you will also be able to more easily achieve your skincare goals. Moreover, the Opu Coin can be held, traded, or simply stored in your e-wallet. 
• The Opu platform is powered by the Ethereum blockchain network.


Opu provides a web based platform and also a mobile app for iOS and android in other to make the sign up customer interface pretty straight forward. Below are the steps.
• User profile creation. 
• Upload images, products, track over time
• Scan barcode for product info and ratings
• Product recommendations based on consumer budgets and goals
• Rich product selection


The success of this blockchain project is as a result of some painstaking incremental steps taken by a proficient team of IT developers and professionals.

Early 2016 –2017
• Proof of Concept
• Market Research and Analysis
• Further product research, development, & testing Q1 2018
• Development of initial partnerships, cryptocurrency and ICO market analysis
• MVP (demo/alpha)
• Fully functioning web version of 3D scan & analysis
• Training tools for doctors

Q2, 2018
• ICO Private Sale Opens
• Responsive web versions with product recommendations
• Structured programs for initial skin condition
• Native Android app alpha version

Q3, 2018
• Pre-sale ICO and ICO opens
• Deployment and audit of smart contracts
• Development of Native iOS app version
• PR Campaign in select Asian Markets prior to launch
• Development of affiliate network
• Launch of the Public Release Program

Q4, 2018
• PR Campaign in the US market prior to launching
• Development of Analysis Engine v2 & Image Processing API
• Treatment recommendation functionality
• Additional Asian & EU country launches


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