Which Advantages do Private CDN Services Provide?

CDN (Content Distribution Network), the technology that allows static files such as java scripts, images and video files on your web site to be broadcasted through servers located at different points and to increase the site’s speed by lightening the load on the main server.

CDNs have critically important role in supporting today’s high-volume Internet traffic. While shared CDN services offered by professional providers offer excellent content distribution services for websites, the websites that have professional needs use private CDN services.

The infrastructure for the CDN consists of servers that are distributed around the world. The main purpose is to ensure that the content on your website is reached in the fastest way possible. If you do not have a good CDN network, it may take a long time for a visitor to open a page, especially a page loaded with images or videos. However, when content is routed from a different server, for example a server that is included in the geographically nearest CDN network, the web page can be reached in very short loading times. In short, submitting your website content from the nearest location and creating a continuous distribution network also improves the visitor performance of your website and for this reason many major websites try to use the best possible CDN solution.

Of course, internet sites that have heavy traffic do not want to leave their business to chance. Therefore by using private CDNs, especially news and online shopping sites try to attract visitors from all over the world to their websites as fast and smoothly as possible and provide them with good service.

Shared CDN services may not be a problem for sites with static web pages because their storage requirements do not change quickly and require relatively little CPU power for adequate performance. But the above-mentioned heavy traffic sites need server resources that can be offered by private CDNs. For these sites, all the configured storage, computing and network resources should be available when needed. In the case of having CDN services at many different points, providing access to the nearest CDN point positively contributes to the customer experience.

The need for data security is also one of the important factors in the growth of private CDNs. Companies with tight security requirements may not feel confident in placing data into a shared server. A private server can be configured with security measures specifically chosen to deal with the security levels required by the company’s data.

Companies that choose private CDN services instead of shared CDN services can determine where to place the servers. Companies usually place servers in big cities where most users are located. In terms of cost, the prices of shared CDN services vary depending on the amount of bandwidth consumed and the number of requests per second on the servers. For websites with heavy traffic, having a private CDN service is often more economical. The costs of private CDN services are often predictable, whereas the fees for shared CDN services may vary month to month depending on the traffic.

Another advantage of the private CDNs is their performance on SEO. As the private servers reduce the overall load time of the website, the SEO score increases and allows the site to appear above the competitors in organic search lists on Google. Thus, while having the website viewed in the first place by the users, it also makes it easier to get new visitors.

Security is the first subject that CDN services must always guarantee. An attack on shared CDN services can affect all users. Private CDNs may also be attacked, but private CDNs are not affected by an attack on an unrelated company. Creating private CDNs proceeds in direct proportion to determine where the PoP points will be placed and choose adequate hardware and software to support the traffic. Video, e-commerce and online financial services can be considered as the main factors driving the growth of private CDNs. Given the availability of products and services that reduce the complexity of creating private CDN services, it is likely that the growth of private CDN services will increasingly continue over the next few years.