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Question: Why use Moryasara Health app if there are other home care management software provider apps as good or better than us?

Answer: Moryasara Health app is different from an average home care management software provider because it allows agency owners to deliver services to seniors in the blink of an eye.

Get agency business on Moryasara Health Platform. FREE! onboarding. Go Live within an hour. Agencies get paid weekly (direct bank deposits) after senior booked services on our app are delivered. This is the pitch that lays it all before next-best alternatives.

Without the Moryasara Health app, home care agency staff are forced to run time-consuming service operations. Accounts receivable turnover is between 30 to 90 days, higher service cancellations, higher frauds, high caregiver churn and low user experience.

If there are a lot of unpaid booking payments the agency service payment cycle flow will slow down to impact timely payment of business expenses, and funds to employee payroll. That’s where Moryasara Health comes in.

Not only does Moryasara Health track your mile-stone payments and refund insights, it demonstrably saves agencies all the money that would otherwise be spent in borrowing bridge loans or giving away home care service business.

Is there a catch of some kind? There doesn’t seem to be one. If agency owners are interested in reducing their cost of service operations over 70% by automation, lean staffing, no software upgrades, no licensing subscriptions, no staff training, reduce care provider churn to single digit, get paid weekly, focus on building client base, and expand your home care service reach, let’s talk.

Question: What is a Agency Home Care Service Practice Management

Answer: Home Care Service practice management software serves as a complementary platform to a home care agency that focuses more on automation of agency service operations in a agency senior home care service practice. While home care agencies are busy at their client sites physically administrating different types of home care services, a home care service practice management platform handles their client service engagement, scheduling, member check-in, bookings, payments, member ratings. Especially useful for sporadic demand, streamline the workloads or other back-office services the agencies opt for such as payroll & tax services, business opportunities and more.

Question: What is a home care network?

Answer: Our home care network is a group of certified home care agencies and healthcare providers that provides services to private-pay and insured members at an affordable cost, high service transparency, reliability, and excellent user experience than outside the network.

Question: Why our platform considered modern?

Answer: We are leveraging leading-edge platform technologies for home care service operations and billing, as well as dynamically matching senior demands with care provider availability on mobile-app. We extend further to share real-time senior care progress virtually with healthcare practitioners, align agency care providers to deliver better senior experience, minimize unplanned emergencies, and reduce hospital healthcare cost.

Question: What is automated scheduling?

Answer: There is no human scheduler or scheduling dashboard that has drag and drop capabilities to streamline the scheduling and caregiver service planning process. Instead, caregivers block their calendar days when they need, and days available for seniors or care families to send request booking to caregivers — all is done on mobile app.

Question: What is Electronic Visit Validation or (EV) Validation?

Answer: A home care service booking store details on booking, like services, location of service, schedule, service recipient, care provider, and while ensuring the information is daily validated before the service starts, and until the tenure of service by both parties on mobile app.

Question: What is cashless payment?

Answer: Non-medical home care services are delivered on a private-pay basis, which means seniors or their care families pay home care agencies. It is a cashless payment, the payments are made by seniors to home care agencies without the use of hard cash, click here to Learn More

Question: What is home care agency certification?

Answer: The non-medical home care agency services fulfills a unique and an essential purpose in seniors aging in place.

MoryaSara Health seeks to empower home care agencies to meet evolving needs and consistently deliver the highest quality of home care services through education, and positive senior experience.

The certification offers incentives for home care agency owners to upgrade their business on our senior home care network platform ,like FREE! business onboarding, and resources, FREE! mobile apps for agency caregivers and agency clients, FREEMIUM! agency web portal, analytics, and more.

Question: Why agency caregivers and healthcare providers partner?

Answer: Our goal is to expand the capacity of healthcare providers to deliver person- and family-centered care by partnering effectively with agency caregivers to reduce unplanned senior emergencies or, and hospital readmissions.

Question: Is there a care manager app for caregivers?

Answer: There’s no app required! It’s part of the managed caregiver service app that keeps senior care assessment, senior care progress and medical information HIPAA secure , and up-to-date. Agency caregivers keep track of senior medications, incident reporting and sharing real-time with new updates to their assigned healthcare providers. Agency caregiver has secured read access for the length of the senior care service.

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