From Troll Farm to Trump

A lot of this seems eerily familiar to the domestic propaganda outlet Cambridge Analytica. Although this article doesn’t seem to touch much on micro-targeting, could those methods have been used to populate these accounts with followers and gain enough notoriety to become quoted by multiple media outlets? Were they bot-elevated (example: through re-tweets from the same troll-farm) and targeting other real American users using information gained through legitimate/American-assisted and/or shady data, etc?

Definitely sounds like modern James Bond stuff, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a possibility until we know more.We all fall into conspiracy theories if we try to tie the evidence together until we get more info. We’ve also lost trust in any semblance of objectivity in the media from all sides, as well as our elected officials, who are of unknown true allegiances at the best of times ($$$).

If we do take this seriously, I hope some formal papers similar to the 9/11 reports will be made public. As a sysadmin these patterns are all very suspicious, and point toward some very large $ and coordination, but also very blurry and no one is behind bars that I know of.

We shouldn’t be surprised if the propaganda network keeps shedding more tangents and questions that simply can’t be answered. The internet is now weaponized. Time to move toward CA-certificate user accounts (corporations would love this) or blockchain social networks etc (who knows what go could wrong :)? Just throwing out wild ideas, because I see the writing on the wall…

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