Haha next time read TFA.

“Ms. Butcher of Lybia would have already”…Crystal ball alternate history.

“We’re all about to die horribly”. Great, lots of confidence in your crystal ball.

“You are the reason”…I’m not a Democrat. You’re just flailing.

Most of the rest is a lame attempt at false equivalencies and defending Trump, which is a little strange from a Bernie supporter, to be honest. Did you lose track of your script?

The Intelligence community has been firm that Russia (directly or through a series of intermediaries) accessed election polling databases, received data involving American voters, and had troll farms pushing propaganda. Are you saying the Intelligence community is a pawn of the establishment Democrats and just making this all up?

I’ve been to Russia. I don’t have anything against Russia, but they probably screwed around with the election. The USA has done a lot of screwed up things involving foreign elections too (Iran is a good example). You’re so caught up trying to point fingers everywhere but Russia/Trump, it comes across as deflection and cognitive dissonance.

I’m not sure if you’re being honest in your writing or if you’re just practicing.

Either way, I hope you can take some time to think further. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people that will have a pretty open mind and will take evidence to heart; But not if it comes across as a wild rant of an unhinged and disingenuous teenager.

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