Buying a ticket for the VR & AR hype train? A technologist gets real.

Nice to see a VR/AR article. I’ve been working on how VR can help users create something themselves in virtual space, as well as a teaching tool for high-school STEM curriculum. I finished up teaching a class on 3D graphics last semester and we used Oculus Rift to present the students’ work at an art exhibit. It was a big hit and people couldn’t believe 15/16 year olds were making models for VR. The art installation was interactive, so visitors could essentially “play” with the models instead of just looking at them.

Just a thought, since I noticed your article’s concentration was on content consumption/marketing…There’s a whole world of teaching and content creation that VR opens up. Once I can get the budget figured out, I’d love to expand to AR as well.

Let me know if the teaching field of VR interests you and I’ll send you more info. I’m not looking for $, just hoping to talk with someone on the VR/AR front lines about the program we have going.

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