The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

We need to start giving conservatives an exit door that keeps their wounded egos intact.

By “we” I don’t mean you or I (I’m personally too bitter, and I doubt you can keep the snark out of your voice if you were addressing conservatives directly).

By “conservatives” I mean real, respectable Republicans, not the Trump brats; They’re too far gone.

That strategy involves pointing out directly and often how Donald Trump is not a conservative. Most people know this, they just didn’t care before because they got caught in the “lock-her-up” chant and became tools.

I don’t agree with much conservatives think. They are living in the wrong millennium. I do know some awesome conservatives though, and know that they are honorable and have enough integrity to buck their own party and get Donald Trump out.

They just need a way to do it that makes them feel like they did it themselves.

Step 1: find a conservative that has a brain and personal integrity (It’s not that hard, don’t lie to yourself).

Step 2: Convince them they can keep their world-view/ideology and throw Donald Trump under the bus at the same time. In fact, they need to throw DT in the trash if they want to hold onto those conservative values.

Step 3: Give them some slack. Keep the heat on Trump, and repeat the line that he isn’t a real conservative (or Republican) and never was.

Step 4: Let them do their thing.

I know this is a pipe dream, just wondering to myself.

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