I’m a big fan of Spotify.

At least one part of my commute will involve me drumming along to some song recommended on the app!

I remember when I first started using it back when I first went to uni. On a budget, as all students are, I just used the free version and made some terrible playlists. In fact I have a feeling many birthday parties were interrupted by those damn ads.

However, over the last few years the Spotify team have really upped their game with the interface, curated playlists, and mixing in technology!

I basically spend the whole week listening to my Discover Weekly playlist apart from when I force all my colleagues to listen to the epic-ness that is Throwback Thursday each and every Thursday!

The £10 I pay each month is a great price for the amount they now offer. Playlists to match how I feel, brand new music and suggested artists to check out based on what I’ve been listening to!

I’m all for personalisation coming from a robot! 🤖

The other day I stumbled upon BuzzFeed News video where they interview the person who builds and curates the Fresh Finds playlist! It was a really interesting video – if only that is seems the new disc jockey is no longer at Radio stations but with the streaming services!

So where are you getting your music from; Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Anchor?! Or keeping it old school by hitting up HMV for CDs?

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