It’s Time to Make a Habit of Making New Habits

A month of building new habits in the search of a more productive and meaningful life

My life has been controlled by my bad habits for as long as I can remember. I find it truly amazing how good I am at starting, and sticking to, a bad habit. When I try to build a good habit I usually end up slacking off and forgetting before I’m able to build the habit.

This month, my habit of not building habits will be put to rest. I promise . . .

This isn’t a new idea for me. I’ve spent a serious amount of time thinking and deliberating on the subject of changing my life through reptition and habit building. I’ve read books, articles, and more reddit and forum posts than I care to share. Simply put, I’m ready for this.

December 2016 is my month to build new habits and begin to pave the way for a better life for myself and my family.

My New Habits

Keep a clean home

I am terrible at keeping my house clean. I have been working on building daily habits that have easily noticeable triggers which will drive me to clean on a daily basis.


I decided that I need to be in good enough physical shape to preserve my own life or the life of my family. If I can’t run, pull myself up, or one of many rather simple physical maneuvers could keep me from death or injury then I feel like I’ve failed as a human.

I start with running. I am working on a “Couch to 5K” program and have been trying to get myself from lazy-ass to someone who can run for a decent amount of time. Along the way I am also tryiung to build a habit of small workouts for the rest of my body.


I can’t keep track of the things I’ve started to learn and never kept working at. I will get in the habit of not only learning, but putting my knowledge to use. By keeping up with free online MOOC classes I will create a habit of learning.

Do Work

I need to work on my business. Every day. Seriously, every day. Even if I have “nothing to do” I will work on my business every day. It’s time to get out there and do work. Through reptition and triggers I will make myself work on a more regular basis which will lead to much better quality of work for my clients and an all around happier me.

Document My Journey

I will document my journey here on medium and post it to my social media accounts. Please follow me.

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