Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking di Bali

Mount Batur is one of the volcanoes in Bali. Mount Batur is a mountain sacred by Balinese people. There are many religious events held at Mount Batur. But that’s not all that makes Mount Batur one of the tourist destinations in Bali. For a long time, Mount Batur was known for its beautiful sunrise.

I am an Indonesian, but I do not live on the island of Bali. So I visited Bali for a tour. In Bali I met a driver named Putu Sanjaya, and he recommended us to take a tour package to Gunung Batur. So we asked Putu “Why do we have to climb to the top of Mount Batur? What’s there?”

Putu told us that at Gunung Batur we can see a beautiful sunrise while boiling eggs in the crater of Mount Batur. I haven’t been hiking for a long time, but it looks like this will be an amazing experience. So I tried to follow the recommendations from Putu.

One thing you need to know before you join the sunrise trekking mount batur activity is the level of difficulty of this activity is quite high, but it can still be done by most people. You must be sure that you are healthy enough to do this activity. This activity involves climbing for 2 hours to reach the top of Mount Batur. Likewise, the trip down from Mount Batur will take 2 hours.

If you are not used to walking long distances, then chances are you will be very difficult to continue the journey in the middle of the trip later.

Because this trip aims to see the sunrise at the top of Mount Batur, you will be picked up at 2:00 a.m. A car will take you to the foot of Mount Batur at 3:00 a.m. After a briefing, we will start walking towards the top of Mount Batur.

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This trip will be guided by a tour guide. Each tour guide is responsible for guiding a maximum of 5 people. This is intended for the safety of the tourists themselves. This tour guide will provide water and equipment for this trekking activity.

Usually this trip will follow the speed of the slowest member. So if there are members of your group who are not very capable of doing this trip, then the speed of this trip can be rather slow than it should be. But in general everyone can get to the top before sunrise.

After trekking for 2 hours, we will reach the top. Here you can boil eggs, or eat boiled bananas while enjoying the sunrise. At the top of the mountain there are also several stalls that provide warm drinks that you can buy. This will really help eliminate your fatigue during the trip.

After resting about 2 hours on Mount Batur, we will begin the journey down to the foot of Mount Batur. You need to know that at the foot of Mount Batur there are hot springs. There are so many people who use this hot spring to get rid of their fatigue after climbing Mount Batur.

Mr. Putu and Mr. Made with two tourists.
Mr. Putu and Mr. Made with two tourists.
Mr. Putu and Mr. Made with two tourists.

You can also stop at a coffee shop near a Luwak coffee plantation to try coffee. This will truly be a very enjoyable travel experience for you to do.

If you are interested in traveling to Mount Batur, I recommend that you use the services of Putu Sanjaya. He is a driver from Aswindra Jaya, so you can order a mount batur sunrise trekking package in Aswindra Jaya.

I am very sure you will be very satisfied with this trip.

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