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vfxAlert - binary options signals are suitable for both professional traders and beginners. For beginners, it is especially convenient because you don’t need to find the entry point into the market yourself and they can practice trading using free signals for binary options.

The vfxAlert app has a very convenient style — the signals are placed on the panel on the left, and on the right, a trading platform of the broker is opened. At the bottom, you can open a panel with additional information on the market. Thus, all the necessary information is concentrated in one working window. The signals are divided into three types of trend, reversal and adaptive.

Signal app review

trading signal software

This trading signal software includes all the market information necessary for the trader. This is the best tool for trading. vfxAlert — allows you to greatly improve the results of the trading strategy of the trader. the program is very convenient and clear, the trader can literally start trading from the very first minutes. Additional statistic helps trader making the right decision to open position. On the bottom panel, you can find current candlestick patterns for those traders who use candles in their trading strategy.

Available for Forex & Cryptocurrencies


Signals expiration time:

  • 1, 5, 15 minutes

Signal algorithms:

  • Adaptive, Reversible, Trendy

Main menu

  • Choosing a broker (in your account you can add your broker)
  • Settings
  • Trends — current market trends
  • Economic calendar
  • Bottom panel with current candlestick patterns


  • Classic signals are based on classic trading strategies, the reversal signal algorithm uses RSI and Parabolic SAR indicators, The trend algorithm uses MA indicators
  • Signal strength and Heat maps — statistical indicators of signal profitability.
  • Telegram subscription — choose the signals you need and receive them in telegrams.
  • Any Broker — the ability to work with any broker.
  • Candlestick panel — additional analysis of graphs for the presence of candlestick patterns
  • Signal filter — it is possible to select only the desired signals and receive them.

How to start for beginners

If you already have a trading strategy or you already have experience in trading, then you can perfectly well determine the signal algorithm that suits you. I just wanted to dwell on the adaptive algorithm, the advice will be the same as for beginners, first test on a demo together with your trading strategy. An adaptive strategy is very controversial from my point of view; at times it works excellently, and sometimes it’s just disgusting. I think this is due to the fact that when movement changes in the market, the algorithms need some time to determine new patterns of price movement.

If you do not have a trading strategy and are going to trade using only signals, then you should give up trading completely. The trading strategy is the basis of success. Signals are part of a trading strategy, but not the basis of trading.

And so suppose you are going to use signals, consider an example of creating a strategy.

Our turn strategy will be used as an entry point signals RSI

Currency pairs — EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD;

Configure the telegrams subscription (you can simply use the signals in the vfxAlert terminal):

telegrams subscription

Trading time — 8:00–10:00 UTC (I previously analyzed historical data and found out that at this time a reversal strategy is working on these pairs)

7:50 you begin the preparation of a preliminary assessment of the market:

  • what are the trends for all periods (write it down)
  • Apply indicator Moving Average (MA) to the chart the and remember where the price is when you open the position.

and so at 8:00 the signals will start coming.

Open positions without thinking, our task is just to practice. We need to put in the brain information for further processing. See where the price is relative to the MA indicator. And always keep trends in your head. Recheck trends every 30 minutes. After a week, you will have the statistics of transactions, most likely you will be in the negative, but if it suddenly turns out that you are in the black, then this is an accident.

Is a vfxAlert scam?

No, this is NOT a scam, Most newbies think that by downloading the live binary signals, they will solve all their problems and start earning, but this is not so. Signals are not a call to action, this is a notification to the trader that a certain event has occurred on the market. The vfxAlert signals service never promised any guarantees of profit, the profit depends on the trading strategy. Signal service vfxAlert only that the signals will be issued according to certain algorithms, and will be delivered to the user on time. And how you yourself manage these signals is already on the conscience of the trader. Signals are not a magic wand this is a tool in the hands of a trader.



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