What is the Credit Repair?

Credit repair services help consumers fix their credit. The companies that provide these services are officially referred to as “credit repair organizations.” The traditional strategy of a credit repair organization is to send dispute letters to the credit bureaus to question the validity of the negative items.

Your hope is that the credit bureau or the party that provides data to the credit bureau (a lender or collection agency) drops the balloon and does not receive the infringing credit entry validated within the 30-day period requirement, and then You have to remove it. If the item is validated as accurate the credit repair organization simply re-controversies the issue and the process begins again.


When it comes to credit, most people fall into one of the three groups. We are trying to build credit for the first time, maintain our existing credit score, or improve our credit after it has been diminished by our actions in the past.

Regardless of your goal, you have to have a solid plan.

The first thing to do is monitor your credit score regularly and review the summary credit report to understand the factors and behaviors affecting your credit score.

To build your credit score, what you need to get credit, but if it is early in the game your options may be limited.

Here are 4 ways to start fixing your credit :

1. Get a guaranteed credit card

A secured credit card is a cornerstone for building credit. With this type of card, you have to put a cash deposit to obtain a card.

You can use a secured credit card to build, but they are not problem-free. These cards usually charge higher interest rates and fees compared to a traditional credit card you should make sure to check the rates and costs carefully before settling in one.

2. Ask to be an authorized user

An authorized user is someone who has privileges to load onto another person’s credit card, such as a parent’s or spouse’s account. You have your own card with your name and you can reap some positive credit benefits even if you are not going to use it.

The reason? The original account history of the cardholder of the card will get transplanted into your credit report. If I have always paid on time and keeps the balance low, it will help you raise your score.

3. Try a “Credit Builder” Loan.

A “credit builder” loan is a short-term loan that you can use to establish credit. These loans are offered by banks and credit unions and are typically for a small amount, usually not more than $ 1,000.

Instead of actually getting the cash in hand, it is parked in an interest-bearing account. Once you pay the loan off, you will get the money back along with the interest accrued. Not only that, but he has also accumulated a positive payment history in the process.

4. Open a store credit card

If you have gone shopping at a major retailer you have probably received a credit card offer from the store at some time. These are cards that are branded for stores like Macy’s or Target.

These cards have some drawbacks, since they usually have the best annual percentage rates, but they are perfect for beginners who are trying to build credit. It is usually easier to obtain approval for a store card, even if you have a low credit score.

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