The Galaxy S8 user manual

The new flagship of Samsung. We are all crazy to know until the last detail of this new terminal. And as it could not be otherwise we will end our wait with a new leak. In this case the user manual of Galaxy S8 , you know the booklet that always accompanies the mobile.

In this article we will review minimally those characteristics that have attracted the most attention . And is that as we say this afternoon at 17:00 we can finally finally see the presentation of this device live and in high quality. Remember that we have already told you how you can follow the event live .

Security is one of the strengths of the terminal

It confirms everything that had leaked. The user manual of the Galaxy S8 states that the phone has face recognition, iris and fingerprint. We can choose any of the three methods to unlock the screen. In all of them it is said that they work very quickly . It will be interesting to see a live comparison.

In addition also appears a new system of protection of content . This is called Secure Folder and allows to put password and even hide the folders, photos or documents that we want. Let your secrets be very safe according to the user manual of Galaxy S8.

Other features of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Let’s go there. First of all it is confirmed that it is water resistant . As we can read, the mobile phone has an IP68 certificate. It also specifies that the terminal can operate in damp environments and even with the screen wet. Minipunto for Samsung.

The screen also has a specific section within the user manual of the Galaxy S8. The most interesting feature is the ability to make multiventana. Apparently you can use two different applications at the same time, each occupying one half of the screen. What a catch!

Also spoken but very vaguely of Samsung DeX. You already know the system that through an accessory, allows to turn your phone into a computer. If that is specified you will need a screen, a mouse and a keyboard . We will have to wait for the presentation to know more details.

What do you think? We suppose that you already want to see the presentation of this fantastic mobile. If you need more information you can visit

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