RV Connections & Hook Ups: How To Connect (City Water, Cable, Battery Disconnect)

Hey it’s Brandi of www.bloggingBrandi.com and in this video I’m going to teach you all about your RV hook ups and RV connections and where they are at be sure to watch until the end so you can spend less time setting up your RV and more time enjoying it with my RV hook up checklist!

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Let’s get started!

I wanted to show you your connections for your hook up whenever you actually get set up at the RV park. They taught me half this and they didn’t teach me half this. So, it’s kind of a learning experience everybody’s set-up should be pretty similar you’re gonna have about all the same connections. The only connection that’s not here is your sewer release which is in the back of the RV or on the side and also your electricity
 which is in the back.

So you are going to pop this open you’re gonna hook everything up once you get hooked up this is your battery disconnect so this pulls out and
 pushes in this kills the power from your battery which you’d be using when you’re driving down the road. So you don’t want that to drain out

Then you have your freshwater connect this is where you’re going to put fresh water in this is if you’re actually going to be dry camping you’re going to need some water in here so it holds water in your tank FYI you don’t want to travel with that because it costs a lot more on your gas and you don’t want to leave that in there unless you really need it.

Your city water connection this is we’re going to hook up your water to your hose we had a little accident earlier make sure you know you don’t leave the water on when you’re hooking this up make sure you look this up and in turn the water on so this is going to be your city water connection when you get to RV park or a house anything a water hose hooked up to this then you have your satellite which is here you have your cable right here. These are two different ones and then you have your antenna inside.

So you have that option too for your TV this is your black tank flush this is gonna be a similar water hose set up to the city connection except you’re going to make sure you use a separate hose because it flushes your poopy water out. So you don’t want to use the same hoes even though they may not ever touch just a precautionary thing.
 Then you have this is your outdoor shower there’s a hose that hooks up to this which is this right here and you can take an outdoor shower and then also make sure when you’re hooking this up that you remove these plugs and pull through here that way whenever you want to shut this you can fully shut it otherwise your water hose will be sticking out so you want to be able to lock this up.

So that’s it! I’ll show you in a later video how to actually hook all this up so now you know what all those connections are and what does took up means but you go how to actually have to love don’t you worry I’ve got you covered in my RV hookups checklist

★☆★ DOWNLOAD the RV Hook Ups Checklist HERE ★☆★ 👈

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