How to Make a YouTube Channel On a Phone

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to create a YouTube channel on your phone.

80% of internet users have a mobile device, which means that they’re using their smartphone whenever they’re visiting your stores, reading your content, deciding whether they want to buy a product or service. With so many cellphone carriers giving away cellphones, that means that the number’s only going to be increasing, which is great news if you company already has a mobile marketing strategy.
 Let’s get started.

  • In order to start a YouTube channel, you have to set up a Gmail account with Google.
  • To do that on your iPhone, you’re just going to go to
  • Sign in,
  • Create account.
  • It’s going to ask you for your name. You’re going to create a username; that’s going to be your Gmail account. (It’s the same thing as your username.) Create a password, etc.. Go through and fill in your information then hit continue, and it’s going to set up your account for you.
  • Now you have your Gmail account set up!

Now, go over to YouTube.

  • You’re not signed in so you’re going to have to sign in.
  • Take the account that you have set up with Google and sign in to YouTube.
  • Now that you’re signed in to YouTube with your Gmail account, from the homepage on YouTube you’re going to click on the person. **This information populates from Google.
  • Create a new channel.
  • Fill in your brand account name.
  • You’re just going to hit create.
  • Your channel is ready!

Now, You’re just going to go back to YouTube. And, you’re going to see your channel here now!
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I’ll see you in the next video.

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