What is Mindfulness?
12 Mindfulness Hacks You Can Use in 24 Hours
Larry Kim

Do you ever think that “mindfulness” is just called turning off social media, your laptop, your smart phone, etc…?

When people didn’t have all of those distractions mindfulness was probably an “unconscious habit.” I still remember having to wait until I got home in order to check the answering machine for any missed calls.

Now, we expect everyone to respond immediately, and if they don’t we assume the worse. But, who said you have to text, call, or return an email within 1 hour, 5 hours, or even 24 hours?

What if you were out of town, back in the day? Do you think they even knew they missed a call or piece of snail mail? :)

Traveling and writing have helped me keep an open mind and be present during the days activities.

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