To my readers: time to Ask Me Anything
Jessica Semaan

I wrote an inquiry through your business site and on Medium. I am really looking for guidance and a mentor on my entrepreneurial journey. I have just as much ability to help you as you can me. I often think about giving up on work and life. It is only my fans and my drive to succeed that keep me going. I really wish I had someone that understands the time, dedication and hard work it takes to put a website together, run a business, and still maintain some what of a life. Mine is a struggle to say the least. I suck at commitment in terms of procrastination, but I always get stuff done in time. I have read your writings and watched you transform over time through your relationships and business. I really get inspired by you and would love to collaborate. The struggle is real. Thanks for your honesty, I have also struggled with the same balancing act. :)

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