To round everything out, I do a brain dump. This happens either in Evernote or on a physical notepad, and I get anything I’m worried about or nervous about out of my head and onto a page or screen so I can stop thinking about them and enjoy being with Emily.
How I run a blog, started a business and work a full time job all at once
Jon Westenberg 🌈

This is also a CEO trend! Many very wealthy, powerful peeps talk about similar “brain dumps”. Some also do Gratitude Journals, writing everything they are thankful for before going to bed.

For me:

I carry a small notebook around with me throughout the day and jot down all of my miscellaneous thoughts. I always plan to go back and look at them but never do. Either way I always feel horrible and like I am bottling up emotions and a chaotic cloud of thoughts if I don’t write.

I was under the weather recently and started getting irritable because I hadn’t been writing. So I can relate to the fact it adds undesired stress to have all the ruminating thoughts while trying to balance time with loved ones. And, I love the act of physically writing on paper in a journal whether it ever gets read or note.


Now, where would you start if you were completely unorganized and needed to start from scratch? Aka your inbox says 1,738

Already put some great tips to use you shared, so thanks for all the great tips Jon Westenberg.

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