My previous response to the whole “unofficial listing of XRL on EtherDelta” can be found here https…
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I know my post is relatively negative but it is all factual. It is based on trying to be fair to investors. A post that only complains but do not offer solution is nonetheless just a complain therefore I did thought of a solution.

If team realized that there are disgruntled investors that are unhappy with the current conditions because of the unofficial listing on EtherDelta, and if team believe strongly on their project, their integrity, and their commitment to “exceed expectations” and to be “fair” (both of which were mentioned in their posts), then all they have to simply do is allow a buyback/refund for investors at the price they paid for in the ICO. For example with Bancor team, the developers believed strongly in the project that they set up Bancor smart contract on Eth to buy back at 0.001 ETH pricing. However since investors invested at fiat value, the buy back should consider the fiat value that was paid which was $0.1385375 / XRL for Priority Pass investors.

This will exceed expectations, be fair to everyone as well as show that they are able to stand behind their project.

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