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Mansoor Ahmed, Chemical Engineer, writer and web developer


The reqwest crate delivers a suitable, higher-level HTTP Client. It controls several of the things that record people just imagine an HTTP client to do for them. The reqwest::Client is asynchronous. The reqwest::blocking API can be more useful for applications desiring to only create a few HTTP requests. …


  • A variable can have any number of values, but just one at a given time.
  • Variable names don’t have any inherent meaning for Python.
  • Variables are containers for storing data values.

How to Create a Variable?

  • Python has no command for declaring a variable.
  • A variable is made the instant you initially assign a value…

Defining Functions in Python

  • We begin a function definition with the def keyword, followed by the name we might wish to offer our function.
  • We have the parameters after the name, also called arguments, for the function enclosed in parentheses.
  • A function may have no parameters, or it can have multiple parameters.
  • Parameters permit…


The field of statistics provides us with a lot of tools that may be used to attain the Machine Learning goal of resolving a task. That is not only helpful for the training set then likewise to take a broad view. Introductory concepts for example parameter estimation, bias and variance…

What is Docker Engine?

  • The Docker Engine is that the core software that runs and manages containers. we frequently ask it simply as Docker, or the Docker platform. The Docker Engine is modular in design with many swappable components. Where possible, these are supported open standards outlined by the Open Container Initiative (OCI). …

Microservices architecture

  • A microservice architecture style is an approach to developing one application as a suite of small services.
  • Each runs in its own process and communicates with lightweight mechanisms, often an HTTP resource API.
  • Microservice do have a distinct advantage:

Better Organization


The Digital platform is also called a computing platform. This is the setting in which a part of the software is performed. It can be the operating system or else hardware. The computer architecture, an operating system, or runtime libraries are some concept levels of computing platforms. We can say…


The 5G networks are digital cellular networks, in which the topographic point covered by providers is split into small geographical areas called cells. Analog signals containing sounds and pictures are digitized within the telephone, converted by a digitizer, and transmitted as a stream of bits. The whole 5G wireless devices…


A logic error in programming can be a bug during a program that causes it to work incorrectly but to not terminate abnormally (or crash). … a program unlike with a software error, a program with a logic error may be a valid program within the language, though it doesn’t…


Usually, an automated driving system is a unified package of specific automated systems operating in performance. Automated driving suggests that the driver has given up the ability to drive to the vehicle automation system. The automation system controls all functions while the driver can be attentive and prepared to take…

Enduring And Emergent Technologies Of Industry 4.0

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