Empowering Girls Through Sport

Long gone are the days where women don’t dare play a “man’s” game. These days, women are playing, and finding great success, in predominantly men’s sports. Through every woman’s success in these sports, other women, and girls, can find inspiration. They see that they can do anything anyone else can do, and nothing should hold them back. In this way, they feel empowered through sports.

Authorization Required

Historically speaking, females haven’t had as many resources of any kind as males have been given. In some places of the world, females aren’t given the opportunity to participate in sports at all. In other areas, girls aren’t permitted to take part in the normally male-dominated sporting world. Fortunately, there are regions where women are given the go-ahead to be involved in a good majority of sports. Plus, girls are finding their way, more and more, into the traditionally male-dominated sporting realm. The ladies worlds are expanding every day.

How Do Sports Inspire?

Girls can find inspiration from seeing other girls and women taking part in sports. Whether it be basketball, driving race cars, surfing, or playing professional poker, ladies of all ages are finding their way into male-dominated sports.

Females are able to see that they can enjoy taking part of now, or someday, in the sports they enjoy in person, or on television. They can also imagine how future generations of women will enjoy more growth in all areas of life.

Participation in Sports

The earlier a girl starts in sports, the more favorable results she’ll find. The sporting world helps girls and women in many ways. The healthy activities, and new muscle strength, are obviously a huge part of athletics. But, there is so much more! Sports help girls form and grow relationships, often with both female and male counterparts. Another significant result of sports? Finding strong role models. Coaches, teammates, and even competitors make up a support system like none other. Anyone who’s ever participated in any kind of team activity knows that you form close relationships and bonds, unlike any other in life.

Sports are more than just moving around and using physical muscles. They require using their brains, figuring out new scenarios, and strategizing. This helps a person’s confidence by using their brain in other areas as well, educationally and otherwise. They’ll also find that they’re able to use these new skills in future real-life situations faced in life. Another consequence is the tendency to take more action in their local communities.

Empowerment Found

Sports can help girls and women develop confidence, find their own voice, and realize that they can do anything — and not just sports activities. Girls can find autonomy, as well as learn and develop leadership skills. Their new talents help with emotional and mental health, and the activities can assist girls with the inevitable transitions they’ll face throughout the different phases of their lives. Sports empower girls in diverse ways and help them believe in themselves in a way they’d never known before.

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