Links Management Review

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Apr 10, 2017 · 5 min read

Links Management Review

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We have entered an age where being digital has become almost mandatory. With internet and web services spreading their roots across the globe the connectivity across the globe has increased exponentially. Your absence on internet would imply that you are missing out on potential prospects that could be converted into profitable customers for your business. Here emerges the era of digital marketing and making money online. The aim is to reach all the potential customers and be the first one to reach them and win the race against all the competitors in the market. Yes this is very crucial for your business. Everyone wants to enjoy benefits of “being the first mover” in the market. And why not it should be!! Everyone wants to increase traffic on their website; everyone wants to create awareness about their business in world. Increasing traffic can be a cumbersome task and might be difficult too if you are not aware of things and the market and you are a beginner at it, but you don’t have to worry about it there are so many paid SEO service providers today in the market that might help you do the task to achieve your goal.

Here comes Links Management for your rescue and assisting you in all your search engine optimization operations for your business and helps you to make money quickly and hassle free. Incepted in the year 2009 their aim is to provide high quality backlinks that would help your business secure and remain on high rankings of search engines like Google for a sufficiently large period of time. Which will help you get noticed easily and help you to create awareness about your product or business and as an icing on the cake would help you to make good money too. Their unique selling point is their claim that they have invested large chunk of their resources and time on their products and tools before launching them so as to guarantee you efficient service as they have customer satisfaction high on their priority list. And because of this they celebrate a large number of clients from all across the globe including USA, UK, Canada and Europe. The list of their proud and precious clients that have entrusted them for their services includes Mashable, Wired, Techradar and Hacker News.

Services and products

1. Free SEO Cost Calculator

They wanted this to be a panacea for all your SEO cost related problems and help you provide cost effective solutions for those problems. This powerful tool would not only help you to reduce your cost but also make your work exciting too.

By using their comprehensive calculator you can define search engine optimization pricing directly for specific business, analyze the efficiency of the selected keywords and other campaign parameters. Sometimes it is very difficult to define how much does SEO cost per month and produce a clear, well-thought plan of optimizing a specific resource. For example, you would like to promote a resource oriented at Indian users and want to define an average SEO cost in India to plan your own budget. Free calculator from LinksManagement will give you the exact estimation of required optimization tools and procedures. Similarly you can find out Malaysia SEO price or any other local rates for website promotion.

This tool will be helpful to you in many ways as it would play the roles of following different things too, which include:








2. Free SEO Expert Tool

It is a better and upgraded version of the previous tool that too fully free of cost. As the name says it all this tool is generally meant for expertise digital marketers or people who have more experience and are running a particularly large level of business globally. With this you will be able to open up a world of opportunities for yourself and your business in the digital arena you would be able to do a research of your competitors for each of your keywords; make a list of unique anchor texts for your campaign to look natural and work effectively; customized link building strategy for your website; choose and do a relevant links selection with different SB Ranks; can do a campaign results tracking and implementation of any required adjustments to make it even more effective; have a gradual links purchase in accordance with natural link building speed; controlling & managing of your entire campaign to make sure it is efficient and looks natural to Google; replacement of denied backlinks; surrounding text for each of the selected backlinks.

Apart from this Links Management provide you following additional features too which include:

An affiliate program that can be a source to earn rewards for yourself and your friend by referring him or her to Links Management

A vast and well curated database of blogs and guides that will help you step by step to reach your marketing goals and make money online

Free PDF reports of SEO operations available there

You can learn SEO with them with their vast library of help material online on their website

With the help of their VIP Program; as a VIP customer you can attain upto sixty thousand visitors per month on your website.


There are so many reasons in the end that would incline you towards choosing them which are:

· Great services starting at just a meagre cost of 1$ per link

· You can actually see the link before paying for it

· All the SEO services are natural and are in line with the norms of Google

· You are the captain of the ship giving you full control of the links

· Provides you with real and active websites with real traffic

So the bottom line is choosing something great at such minimal costs is a win-win situationfor you. Still for any query or any details please feel free to contact them over here:

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