Hello Summer!

Summer is finally here! (Even though the weather doesn’t seem to know that yet). If there was ever a time to show off those bad-ass abs, peachy booties and strong, toned pins, it is now. Whatever you love most about your fabulous body, summer is an opportunity to show it off and feel great about yourself, which is why summer is also the time to nurture, nourish and revel in the skin you’re in.

It’s time to say thank you to your body for all the amazing and wonderful things it allows you to do, whether that be crazy, carefree dancing to your fave song in your bedroom, or running off that sneaky chocolate bar you probably shouldn’t have had – but summer’s for having fun, right? (Or this is what I tell myself).

However, not everyone gets as excited about the prospect of showing off the body they were born in. It’s human nature to want to look good, so it’s also human nature to be more body conscious when it comes to wearing less, and showing off more in summer. It’s okay to want to make changes to yourself, but you should also learn to love the body you’re in. It’s yours, and only yours! There is no one on this planet that can ever be you, so own it!

If you feel (like most of us) that the bikini bod you envisioned for yourself hasn’t quite evolved yet, and that holiday you were so excited for is becoming more and more nerve-wracking, as the idea of flouncing around in a bikini fills you with dread, rather than empowerment (like it should). Just don’t panic!

Be patient and understand that your goals are SO achievable, but they probably aren’t overnight. Have confidence in yourself that you’ll get there, you just need a big kick up the bum and a tonne of hard work, and this time next year you’ll be buzzing for your summer hols and showing off the body of your dreams!

But for now, those extra wobbly bits DO NOT MATTER! Holidays are about relaxing, having fun, and spending quality time with friends and loved ones, not for obsessing about how many rolls you have, and always sitting up straight to hide them – c’mon ladies, who can be bothered?!

So wear that dress that clings a little bit, rock that bikini that shows off your womanly curves, and live in your body with pride! Trust me, a big, happy smile is far more attractive than you think.

So say a big hello to summer, and embrace all it has to offer, whether you reached your goals or not.

Let’s make 2017 one to remember!

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