How To Actually Be Productive Working From Home

I’ve been working from home on an internship for a few weeks now, and have really struggled at times to stay motivated, and definitely struggled to be productive when there’s Love Island On Demand.

I’ve finally managed to create a work situation that works for me, and so thought I would share the 5 things I do on the daily to ensure I stay on track and don’t just waste my own time.

  1. Designate your own workspace

If you’re able to create yourself a little office type space within your house, I would highly recommend doing it! This completely changed my whole outlook on working from home. I started off working from my bedroom (I’d love to say it was at my desk but i’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend most of my time in bed), but found I stayed in chill out mode and never really got motivated to work. So I converted the spare bedroom into my own office, as well as decorating it and hanging up the obligatory fairy lights, and made it a space I wanted to be in and a space I felt inspired and motivated.

Another benefit of having a work space means you feel like you’re actually ‘going to work’, which shifts your brain into work mode. There should be no distractions in your work space which really does help.

The fact you can also close the door once you’ve finished for the day helps to allow you to convert back into relax mode, as it’s so easy to feel like you never get a break from work when you set your own hours, and your work and chill space overlaps.

Lastly, another benefit is that other people in the house will know not to disturb you when you’re in your office, compared to if you were choosing to work in a communal area such as the kitchen – which would never work for me, forget other people, the fridge would be too much of a distraction.

2. Get Dressed!

I feel like this is a controversial subject when it comes to working from home. Some will argue not getting dressed is probably the best thing about working from home, and trust me i’ve definitely enjoyed living in my pjs, but this also posed a problem for me personally. I found that if I didn’t feel professional, I didn’t act it. I’m obviously not saying that a pencil skirt and heels is the right attire, but I don’t think pjs necessarily is either.

Something as simple as having a shower every morning before you start work and putting on a cute casual shirt and a pair of comfy jeans really helps me focus, or even putting a bit of make up on. I think it’s one way of signalling it’s time to work.

3. Keep your workspace tidy

If you have to fight your way through dirty clothes on the floor, have to look at plates that have the remainders of last night’s dinner on, or don’t remember what the original colour of your carpet was, that’s all going to be clogging up space in your mind that could be used productively!

I personally can’t concentrate in a messy room – it just stresses me out. Take as much pride in the space you work in, as you do with your actual work. It will help, trust me.

4. Keep to a schedule

One of my favourite benefits of working from home is that I can set my own work hours (aka I can sleep in). However, it’s so easy to slip into a routine of getting up late, doing daily chores, catching up on Love Island (yes i’m obsessed), having some food, and before you know it the day is nearly gone and you’ve done no work. Oops. This was me all over for the first week or so. What I found really helped, was to set myself a weekly schedule that I would write up on a Sunday night, so I knew what the week ahead would consist of for me.

It also means you can plan out when you want to take breaks, go work out, or meet up with a friend for a coffee – which are all important in keeping a healthy balance.

5. Socialise!!

It’s SO easy to go a few days without actually speaking to anyone in person when working from home. So one of my biggest tips is to make sure you dedicate some time every week to socialising. Whether that be simply meeting up with coworkers to discuss ideas in person, or letting your hair down at the weekend with your girlfriends and having a few glasses of vino (my preferred option).

This just means you have something to look forward to every week rather than just stressing about the stack of work you have to do and never really getting time to relax.

Work is important of course, but having fun and being happy at the same time is vital.

So those are my 5 tips for being productive whilst working at home – give them a go and see if they help!

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