4tradeit.co.nz hits first hiccup



4tradeit founder Tim Ameringen says he’s had a positive response to his new website but is scrambling to upgrade its servers.

New low-cost auction and classified website 4tradeit.co.nz has been overwhelmed, thousands of users bringing it to a standstill.

Website developer Tim Ameringen of Dairy Flat in north Auckland officially announced his website had gone live on Monday.

It offers a free alternative to Trade Me for most users, and thousands of people immediately flocked to it.

“It’s gone ballistic.

“With the volume of registrations and the volume of activity on the site it just froze the servers,” van Ameringen says.

4tradeit launched using a shared server, with plans to upgrade to a single server as it got more popular.

“We are now scrambling to get new dedicated servers at the moment, ” van Ameringen says.

He hopes to have them running by the end of the week and is asking users to bear with them.


The response from most to the hiccup has been amazing, van Ameringen says.

“Some of the refresh times have got as bad as five minutes and I’ve had scores of emails just saying ‘look we know it’s slow, but good on you — keep going’.

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“Although it has been traumatic we have been very grateful for people just being patient,” he says.

It is another learning curve for the man who spent 12 years designing the software, often having to teach himself how to do it.

The site had a soft launch last year to check for bugs and fine tune before going live.

“We are bug free, but not server bug free,” van Ameringen says.

“Obviously we hadn’t had the numbers but we thought the servers would be fine — but clearly not.

“The strain on the server has been a big surprise,” he says.

The issue is the configuration of servers and a large draw on the database.

“Every time a transaction happens on the website it draws from the database and it is the database that is causing the issue at the moment,” he says

4tradeit is now working to hopefully get the refresh time down to half a second.

It is now doing its best to answer user queries.

“I’m apologising a lot to everybody at the moment, it has been a bit overwhelming, but hopefully by the end of the week it will be all sorted,” van Ameringen says.

Some detractors accused van Ameringen of exaggerating the 40,000 hours he put into the software, saying it is called GeoCore and was developed by Geodesic Solutions.

Van Ameringen admits he has used the software, but describes the accusation as a “layman’s response”.

When he started 12 years ago, Geodesic was a group of five guys who developed what he calls the “rails” of the software.


“So it is like the chassis. There has been a lot of interaction over the years and they are a core part and continue to be a core part of the chassis.

“Where the 40,000 hours has gone into is building the carriages and everything that sits on top.”

The software was built on Linux, which is open source and means anyone can dig into and change what is in the source code, van Ameringen says.

“And there is a community of millions of geeks who contribute to that.”

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