How to Fax a Document From Your Devices

2 min readMay 28, 2020

Fax a Document From Your Mobile,PC,Laptop

With the very latest technology, life is more or less “electronic” these days, and although the demand for faxing has dropped dramatically, the need for faxing remains. When communicating with insurance companies, financial institutions, lawyers or even with your doctor’s office.

you may have to send completed forms by fax. This applies in particular if a signature is required on forms. Since most of us do not have fax machines at home, in these situations we usually have no choice but to go to a store that offers fax services.

However, there may not be a business in your area that offers fax services, or if they do, their fax services may be quite expensive. That makes the whole thing rather cumbersome and expensive! Here the Snapfax app can help you save time and money!

Thanks to the advancement of smartphones, you can now have a fax machine on your smartphone that you can use whenever you really need it. Using your smartphone as a fax machine couldn’t be easier and easier than with the Snapfax app.

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Snapfax turns your smartphone or tablet into a fax machine using the built-in camera. You can then fax images from your photo library or PDF files stored on your device from your smartphone or tablet.

If the scanned image content was recorded directly in Snapfax with the built-in camera, the image is automatically straightened by a correction function if the scanned document is not perfectly rectangular.

With Snapfax, you can also easily add your signature to the fax using the built-in free handwriting feature.

Automatic image cropping, straightening, and black-and-white conversion are all standard features of Snapfax.

Fax your document from multiple sources. Auto crop, straighten, and convert to black and white signature, date, and add text.

As soon as you have sent a fax, Snapfax will inform you of status updates, such as the expected time for the fax transmission and whether the fax transmission was successful.

To ensure security and data protection, all fax transmissions are encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone else. As soon as a fax has been sent, the original content is automatically deleted from the Snapfax servers.

Never waste more time and money looking for a store to send a fax to. Try Snapfax and see for yourself.

Would you like to send a fax from your Windows PC or Mac? Snapfax is also available for these platforms.