How To Outsource Blog Writing For Businesses: 9 Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

We’ve entered a renaissance of new businesses and online services that give companies the ability to outsource the things they don’t have the time, resources, or personnel for. You could build a business or marketing agency with a couple people and outsource your administrative, design, HR, marketing, and more specifically, blog writing services more efficiently than ever before.

That’s why we’re here today: to talk about outsourcing blog writing services.

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9 Frequently Asked Questions About Outsource Blog Writing

Question 1: How do I get writers for my blog?

There are a bunch of different ways to get writers for your blog instead of writing the blogs yourself.

Use an agency.

Agencies that specialize in content marketing continue to proliferate as the demand rises. The good agencies combine writing talent with content strategy and measurement in one place. Just as you would use an agency for your design needs, there are agencies available for your content needs.

But there’s one catch. Good agencies are expensive. The adage of “good, fast, cheap — pick two” applies here. And what’s more, agencies will never understand your business as intimately as someone working out of your office.

Hire inhouse writers.

Having a writer inhouse that understands your brand, tone, and product is invaluable. No writer will know you or your business as intimately as a writer that’s a part of your team. If you’re in the market for a writer, or a writer yourself, you’ve likely seen more and more content writer positions pop up across a range of industries and businesses.

Inhouse writers offer a lot of convenience. Going through an agency, for example, oftentimes requires a lot of onboarding and red tape before anything starts. Inhouse writers can go and already have the background knowledge.

That said, an inhouse writer can get maxed out with work quickly. And what’s more, they can burn out quickly. Writing about the same thing, day after day, takes its toll. Getting up for yet another B2B blog post can be difficult.

Find freelance writers.

Freelance writers are a compromise between the agency and the inhouse writer. There are great, affordable freelance writers out there. But often, the problem with freelancers is that it’s hard to find the great ones. And when you stumble out of the blocks trying out a few here and there, you can sour on the freelance idea quickly.

Also, the management and HR of freelance talent can get onerous, especially if you’re a small company. Even agencies can run into freelancers working on a project-by-project basis.

Delegate within your office.

Find the English major in your office and making them write could work…or backfire in a big way.

This is the least ideal option, but an option nonetheless. Just sayin’.

Use a content writing company (like BlogMutt).

Shameless plug, but here’s why a content writing companies like BlogMutt make a lot of sense businesses and agencies. Often, they’re cheaper than an agency, more prolific than an inhouse writer, more efficient than a freelancer, and more specialized than someone getting assigned content in the office (when it’s not their specialty).

There are downsides to using BlogMutt or another content writing company. There is no quick, easy, cheap fix in content marketing. The question is, what investment of time or expense are you willing to do to make it work? If you use a content writing company, the onus for putting the writers in a position to succeed is on you. We’re a “garbage in, garbage out” service. Customers unwilling to invest the time to help our writers and use our content against a strategy have a hard time discerning value.

BUT, for those that invest the time and prep our writers appropriately…the payoff is immense.

Question 2: What’s the best way for creating blog content when using other writers?

Two things.

1. Strategy: Start by asking why. “Why do I want a content marketing strategy?” and build from there. Marketers become enamored with starting the next thing without first asking, “Why are we doing this?” Sure, there are thousands upon thousands of pieces about content strategy.

Keep it simple, first. Worry about the other stuff later.

2. Support: Support your writers (this should be a bumper sticker). Give your writer nothing to work with, get nothing to work with. It’s that simple. You’re the subject matter expert.

Writers are the ones to bring your expertise to light in a readable way. When you provide more information and direction, you’ll get more out of your writer.

Question 3: What blogging tips should businesses consider when outsourcing blog writing?

  • Don’t outsource until you have a strategy or editorial calendar in place.
  • Have a budget; commit to it.
  • Understand the long game of content marketing.
  • Experiment and test content lengths, CTAs, headlines, etc.
  • If you’re just starting out in content marketing, start small and get early wins.
  • Repurpose your content across other channels: For example, take a blog post and turn it into an infographic.

Question 4: Outsource vs. inhouse — what’s better?

Consult the first two bullet points in question 3, above. Determining your strategy and budget will inform your answer.

Question 5: If I’m outsourcing my blog writing, where should I spend my extra time?

Answer: blog promotion.

If you want to get into content marketing, work on the marketing. Let someone else handle the content. Agencies can also assist in the marketing of your content, but that’s a major component of doing successful content.

Grow your presence on social. Contribute to guest posts. Find content partners to share insight and information.

Question 6: Do many other companies outsource blogging?

There’s no shame in outsourcing your content or blogging. Small businesses and major companies who see the value and scale of outsourcing do it. No matter a company’s size, scaling to meet the content needs within an organization is difficult and expensive.

The internet and digital age has created an economy of businesses that specialize for specific needs. The content industry is no different.

Question 7: What types of outsource writing services exist?

You can work with one service to handle all of your content needs. Or, you can work with services that specialize in specific niches. There are writing services that specialize by industry: financial, IT, media, communications, real estate, etc. There are also services that just offer social media content and monitoring.

And there are some services that just do a specific type of content online, like blogging.

If there is a specific need you have, ask us. If we can’t help you, we can definitely point you in the right direction.

Question 8: How much does it cost for outsourcing content creation?

We’d recommend starting with a budget before asking this question. But typically, outsourcing content creation can begin at $89/month and go up to thousands of dollars per month. It’s all contingent on need and scope of work.

Question 9: What if you didn’t answer MY question?

Those are typical outsourcing questions that we get all the time. The outsourcing economy is here. Companies and agencies are beginning to see the value and scale outsourcing provides.

But, if you don’t see your question here and want to discuss your outsourcing needs, feel free to ask us any other questions you have.

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