The 4 Characteristics Successful Business Blogs Have In Common

Starting a blog is easy. Keeping it going takes discipline.

There are many useful websites with suggestions on how to set up a blog. Niko Marasigan’s piece, 5 Practical Tips on Building a Successful Blog has some good planning and design advice and practical ideas on keyword and marketing research. Think of all that as the equivalent of eating your vegetables before you can enjoy the dessert of the success you are seeking.

Yes, it is only in the dictionary that success comes before work. But you can still do lots of work and still not have a successful blog. A successful business blog is defined as content that:

  • Adds value to both your website and your overall niche.
  • Injects both timely and long-lasting content, thoughts, and ideas into your website to attract readers.
  • Promotes a sense of community and repeat loyal visitors, who are going to be fans and customers.

While blogs are as varied and as unique as the businesses and organizations they represent, successful blogs that contribute to the growth of their respective companies and institutions are not unique. In fact, most successful business blogs share fundamental similarities.

The 4 Characteristics That Successful Business Blogs Have In Common

1. The design, presentation, and content are consistent.

Be consistent in your blog’s design and look, as well as in the content to ensure a uniform tone, voice, and messaging style. If you’re going for chatty and informal, be chatty, but include reputable links and sources.

If you’re of the technical, serious ilk, go for serious, but don’t be afraid to have fun. Remember, make sure your readers know what to expect, but in the end, your goal is to post something good before it falls below the scroll line.

2. The content is good and audience-specific.

First of all, what exactly is good content? This will vary across industries, of course, but remember that each reader who visits your blog will unconsciously ask himself, “What’s in it for me?” Writing each post with a specific audience or persona will make it easier for you to answer that question and ensure that each reader knows the value he received from reading your post.

Once you have a clear takeaway in each post, make sure that your content is:

  • Clear: It must get to the point, stay on point, and prove the point.
  • Clean: The opposite of a clean business blog is a 50-line, single paragraph piece, chocked full of complex sentences and few active verbs.
  • Focused: Don’t try to do it all in one post. Choose a single aspect or viewpoint and explore it fully.

3. The posting schedule is predictable and dependable.

Readers will come to your blog if they know they can depend on you for frequent updates and news related to your common business interests and they will come back if they can rely on the information you share.

Delivering solid information on a regular and timely basis requires a commitment to planning and a system for creating, curating, or contracting to have the material you need to publish frequently.

In fact, maintaining an editorial calendar is an effective way to ensure a continuous and consistent stream of good posts.

4. It’s easy for readers to interact and contribute.

Adding a social media element to a business blog and actually getting your readers to participate in the discussion is a great payoff. You publish, you share on social media, and then you receive feedback. Sharing your posts and encouraging interaction from your readers is both constructive and good:

  • It’s constructive because your reader might point out that you’re not doing everything right
  • It’s good because you have opened yourself up to growth and cross connectedness on other social media venues.

Having a successful blog requires commitment: developing a successful business requires an ongoing investment in time and research. When done well, your blog, like other successful blogs, will increase your SEO power, possibly grow your contact list, and enhance your customer relationships.

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