The Top 5 Beach Holiday Destinations

The beach is a favourite haunt for the majority of British holidaymakers, and whilst the debate rages on about whether beaches home or away are best, we certainly know that there’s no contest when it comes to beach holidays abroad. The only problem is which beach holiday to opt for as many tour operators and airlines are venturing further and further afield.

Here we take a closer look at the beach holiday destinations accessible from Cheap Beach Holidays via a short haul flight.

The Balearics

Located east of the Spanish mainland and consisting of four main islands, the Balearics offer the ultimate destination for sun seekers on a range of budgets. Ibiza offers a beautiful range of beaches as well as the infamous party scene, whilst Formentera provides beaches with plenty of culture thrown in for good measure. Mallorca is also well worth a visit and a popular destination for families.


Cyprus is another beach holiday favourite, with its picturesque towns and stunning coastline (all 800km of which provides golden sand and crystal clear waters) it is a great destination for families, couples and those going it alone.


Egypt may not strike you as a beach holiday destination but its beaches are the best around! Reflecting picture perfect scenes that wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean, the beaches of Egypt are endless and boast beauty both above and below the surface thanks to their coral reefs.


Forget what you are currently reading in the news about Greece, this is still a must visit destination for UK based beach lovers, and with over 1,000 islands to explore, you’ll simply never want to leave.


With a mixture of ancient cities and beautiful beaches, Turkey is the perfect place to lose yourself. By night explore the moonlit bazaars in the depths of the city, and by day lose yourself in a good book on one of its stunning beaches.

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