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The challenges defined by SEO landing pages to create responsive content strategy offering immersive website experience via parallax scrolling one page designs. 

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Responsive design strategy creates device optimized websites that are compatible across PC, tablets, Smartphone & mobile. The layout automatically adjusts itself to various devices and a single HTML code is coded for both devices & PCs. This means that websites are offering themselves to the web & search engine bots in a unified way unlike the history way of feeding URLs for different devices. We type or earlier but now the same code optimizes the users interface experience by detecting the device first and displaying the perfectly adjusted content.

With the phenomenal impact in offering smart device defined web interfaces, responsive design strategy is rooting its presence. Optimized responsive landing pages that have successfully passed W3 validation guidelines are sought by bots. Apply schema semantics to these pages and the SERP visibility & impact will surely manifold traffic by SEO content curator methods to boost click through.

The Parallax effect or parallax scrolling in web design is the technique to feature layered images that shift about the webpage in different speeds/perspectives creating an immersive and interesting 3D illusion. The final web interface built using parallax effects provides a unique user experience and is great for storytelling websites. When used creatively it can present intriguing intensity to the audience that often leaves them in awe.

Parallax SEO Site:

Responsive Parallax Campaign Landing Pages

Experts are of the opinion that parallax websites are not prone for search engine optimization. The concept of parallax designs incorporate the strategy of building a one page website using rich images & JavaScript that takes time to load. All of your target keywords must be concentrated on one page rather than spread out over many, leading to keyword dilution. Additionally, inbound links can only link to your site’s single page and not to specific page content.

Parallax designs are not device or mobile optimized and therefore responsive content design strategy should be an agenda while formulating the layout of the website. By creating a themed campaign & not a brand website, parallax campaigns can highlight core objectives to create brand presence across various web channels including social conversations.

Responsive parallax scrolling SEO campaigns are auto scrolling effect based landing pages using rich visual storytelling content strategy that follows one page one keyword algorithm guidelines defined by search engines.

SEO & keywords mapping cannot be diverse and focus has to be in offering one or two keywords with a parallax site and this is where parallax campaigns & content strategy works. Every website tells a story and parallax designs define that story. Key is in focusing good story & content to use various effects in creative & imaginative ways of displaying the brand information.

Write a good page title, 164 or less character for Meta description tags that will incite intent, intrigue & involve the reader. The audience will be immersed with the conceptual & unique storytelling experience that is richly graphic.

Highlight page stories with H1 tags, add long tailed conversational keywords, and apply schema semantics based on the campaign design. Name the page URL or the domain name with tags or mentions from the concept message of the campaign.

Create hashtag mentions of the same keywords to target off page SEO measures using #HashtagMarketing strategy.

Create blog to publish new content materials and use the blog post to generate traffic to the parallax campaign landing page.

Off page SEO efforts will also boost parallax campaigns for SERP inclusions on core keywords / branded keywords.

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Two challenges pose addressable. Define campaign storyline using optimized content strategy and developing the visual layout to adjust automatically across multiple devices by testing the site extensively. Storyline is the key, content intrigues interest to click, responsive parallax designs immerses the user into an unforgettable website experience.

Parallax campaigns must offer unique storytelling interface and brands looking to launch a new product or create awareness about brand services by intriguing the audience with a fluidic website interface design are the ideal hot pick. It will be expensive affair to fuse creative graphic designers, geeky webmasters, clean JavaScript developers, intuitive content strategists & visual storytelling expertise to create the near perfect parallax campaigns. One that would be for delicious bookmarks and spread socially with optimized social sharing strategy. One that can be for Twitter trends using hashtag marketing, sponsored stories on Facebook for likes & recommendations, PPC ads using Google, Bing & Yahoo, poll based opinion building LinkedIn campaigns as well as pin marketing info-graphics all in the valued ambit of native advertising.

Focus on creating editorial native advertising social stories for the core campaign storyline and create appealing story headlines that incite intent to engage. Hashtag mentions further group the social conversation to act as a social bookmarking medium of your mentions/keywords/campaign concept that is forever indexed over the web.

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Redistributing blogs using freshly curated content.