Virality — the cradle of desire manifested by intriguing campaign storyline charged with emotional innuendos!

Empire avenue // the cross road of content exchange program that gears viral coefficient +1 (above 1) guarantee to ensure planned social campaigns with the adrenalin of virality.

Viral marketing campaigns are geared by the possibility of viral coefficient above one means that every contact from a group of network will share the campaign detail to at least one person in their network. This trusted guarantee is the boost that social media marketers must make use of with Empire Avenue.

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Trying to debunk the myth of virality from content exchange network!

Success of viral campaigns are fueled by a host of factors from optimized, intensified & electrified nuances of emotionally charged compelling campaign designs nozzle persuasions for the greater good of the society.

Relatively empire avenue is synonymous to a content exchange network evolving with a unique action reaction business model that easily enables every you and me to go about generating traffic, tweets, +1s, likes, pins and almost the entirety of authoritative inbound. It is well moderated, clean and self sustaining network of global users. Technically it’s all correct to influence opinions for employing a self aware community of marketers ever eyeing for the bigger share of factors the create virality.

Take a look around some of the successful viral marketing campaigns and make a list of the correct measures done that factored virality. The list will include a touching storyline that can bring about a genuine smile of admiration with a larger message for the good of the community.

Operative empire avenue is eponymous with the accidental brandishing of:

\\ Story of an Embed by Hash Dash DGTL Studios //

Create an account and you get to do missions like visiting a G+ profile page like we just did and received points (eaves) that can be traded for similar actions to your landing page. In this particular mission we came across // Lennie Appelquist // from his G+ and Twitter profiles to receive 40000 eaves + 22000 eaves from two separate missions respectively. We can use these earned eaves now to create similar occurrences with other millions of like minded web users from across the globe. The possibility for virality just got bigger here!

Lennie Appelquist biography on EA says // — Filmmaker, designer, marketer, business, Wordpress & Social Media consultant, Web 2.0 Geek //

His Twitter profile gave the opportunity to connect via //

And to make things interesting, his tweet & G+ feed gave an interesting connection, news about the sad demise of Heaven’s guitarist Johny Winter.

\\ RIP Johny! //

What we have gathered so far from some random time since early this year, each member in Empire Avenue is profiled based on the social authority of the user across various networks to attribute a portfolio share price. Users can buy your shares and earn dividends on them every day. The more activity done every day on the EA network, mission completion rating from other users and subscriber accounts boosts the share prices of user portfolio.

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Every account can create a single mission that range from visiting a webpage to tweet, Retweets, likes, shares, comments, talk about it! Singular mission gives accesses to push notify other EA network users via hashtag handles on mission title marketed as a branded tweet under the handle @EAV_missions priced with eaves. Mission’s needs to be monitored in real time to reap the correct measures of mutual benefits that can be applied with controlled elasticity to reach edge of genuine virality.

The whole process widens the possibility of ethical inbound & outbound social indicators as relays that personifies authentic conversations of social beliefs, inspirational stories & inviting escapades. In our case its fresh visits to #plbkkt via

Theatrics of “Story of an Embed” is more honestly a means to indicate authentic authoritative references from social networking profiles to amass signals of causation that creates correlation. Correlation is only possible with signals relayed from a genuine & not fake social profile like G+, Facebook & Twitter. Only this then creates the corrective relevance of correlations indicate probabilities in serving indicative search results tailored by social behavior, social connections & everything social!

Even if there is no consensus in what we have discussed so far, as an internet marketing wannabe the potentials driven by Empire Avenue extends mutually favorable win/win for all. The mission content marketer and the mission completion star both attribute equally prevalent factors that causes the blockbuster box office performance of EA. What drive is the inbound & outbound relays created to outlay a naturally reoccurring scheme of events & missions. The impressive global user base that EA has achieved so far is a testament to the likeability factors attired by this network and continues to inspire everyday regular you & me to relate like pros on matters relative to lead generation, website traffic boost & scores of other SEO off-page engagements.

One may argue authenticity of the mission URL pages in terms of how safe, secure & non-spam like the available content are but that’s again another highlight of the EA network features. User’s curate the mission URLs, report them for anything offensive, obscene, etc and can further block another member by citing appropriate apprehensions or occurrences. Missions are further set to alert for certain keywords that deters mission ratings and by all means an increase in low system rated missions will lead to the account being red flagged for in-person moderator review from the EA team. If you think you can further cheat the system by being smart & set bots to randomly click on all available missions and collect eaves illegally. The system detects such user intent behavior and brings in CAPTCHA validation to complete the mission URL click conversion that eventually leads to the eaves being awarded to the account of the person who completes the missions.

Loop Content Design // #hshdsh at

Missions are available for real time review with options to reach back the members who completes the mission to further boost & influence the page visit. Yes you may argue that the source of these “paid” conversions are not congenial factors to attributes the authenticity of a successful viral marketing campaign. And this is where “push content strategy” defined on “Viral marketing is tough but not rocket science and is very much achievable!” comes into effect. Viral marketing co-efficient above 1 or +1 is based making the campaign collaterals reach an extended audience. It is the defined probability associated with a viral campaign that attributes “each person sharing & ensuring engagement of the call-to-actions required to complete a social media marketing campaign conversion with at least one more person” and hence +1.

EA boosts this probable attribute to guarantee successful propagation & conversion of the viral marketing collateral. This is ensured by both managing a standard account to build an influential community network or push into action a business account with loads of added features to pool more successful conversions.

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Business accounts leverage factors like run multiple campaigns or missions, increase the number of eaves offered for every successful mission completion by more than 65000 eaves (maximum offered under regular account is scaled ration between 25000 eaves to 65000 eaves), extend the reach of the mission campaigns by adding multiple categories that could be broadcast over Twitter network via the account handle @EAV_missions where additional reach is guaranteed by adding popular hashtags, promote the mission campaign via mission advertisement dashboard & shareholder newsletters!

There are more such features available on a business account including “Vees” which basically are another scale of points but higher than eaves. Unfortunately I happen to only have a regular account and thus cannot explore to define the features of an EA business account!

Frequency of visits to EA, social activities from authoritative social networking profiles, mission completion ratings, mission ratings are some of the key parameters based on which the average “Share Price” for every user is denominated ensuring that each & every members social network & web pages shared via EA missions are accounted for. Anything dodgy is immediately countered with effective measures that genuinely boost confidence building factors in new members and seasoned veterans are always round the corner to lend a helping hand.

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Title: Virality — the cradle of desire manifested by intriguing campaign storyline charged with emotional innuendos!

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Published: 24 July 2014 // Source

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