Spiritual Financial Wisdom is the book by Randy Alcorn, who, according to his credentials, has been a financial adviser for over thirty years. He gives us great insights into what our spiritual, financial situation may be. He explains that our spiritual life influences our ability to manage finances. If our spiritual principles do not guide us, then financial decisions become very difficult to make. Spiritual financial wisdom teaches that something directly connected them with our financial situations to our spiritual values. #blogs2u

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Spiritual Financial Wisdom

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Spiritual Financial Wisdom

How To Become A Ninja In No Time With These Time Management Tips

How To Become A Ninja In No Time With These Time Management Tips

The road to enlightenment relies on our ability to be open to Christ’s teaching and word, be it from our surroundings or others. The prayer of an Apostle to the Ephesian Christians quoted here reminds us of this.

In it, is the wish for others to attain spiritual understanding in accordance…

How To Make $1000 From $100 — Ideas To Get You Going

I need 1000 dollars now for free

Did you know you can learn how to make $1000 from $100; with absolutely free money, no strings attached? Believe it or not, some of the best ways to flip money include humorous stories and free money “no strings attached” offers. …

What Does God Say About My Finances?

What Does God Say About My Finances

The first step in understanding what does god say about our finances is to understand what god has revealed through scriptures.

The bible contains many references to financial promises. God has promised us specific things, such as provision, prosperity, and security. …

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