Wordpress blogging 101

Well, folks, you have made up your mind to start WordPress blogging or WordPress blog. There are a number of tutorials and blogs regarding the same, but as newbie learner in blogging. I haven't find the information which is quite essential for newbie WordPress bloggers.

Based on the accusation of knowledge over the last 8 months am consolidating everything you need to know about WordPress blogging.

Step 1: Pick a Niche

You cannot run a car without a functional engine.Same with blogging you need a niche before you start blogging.

Let me explain you the mistakes I have committed while picking up a niche.

I didn’t research about the niche and just started it. As a result, I was out of the WordPress blogging and never had an intention of posting any contents. I started with the niche of digital marketing! Might you think whats wrong in that? Well, Digital Marketing is a broad domain, you would not be able to focus on all things at the same time.
I didn’t know what to write and how to write my blog posts, as I had no idea about digital marketing. I knew there are various branches such as SEO, Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine marketing and the list would go for the next couple of pages. As a result, I started to write about everything in general, few traffic came and went all of sudden :)
Then I had to shut down the whole site and started to prepare a strategy document for my blogs. I made this blog as marketers tutorial point. Where you could learn more about marketing and dots connecting the same.
Now I have a clear idea on what to write and how to draft the contents for viewers. :) It’s indeed a big learning curve for me :)
Step 2: Pick a Domain Name matching your Niche

Picking up a domain name. Dont be tempted and if you are choosing the wrong domain name. You are gonna ruin your blog growth.

Tips for Picking up a good name

First, you need to understand the competition in the niche you have chosen. Spend a little bit of time around the internet and identify who is your competitor players. Make a list of those player website address and understand how do they choose their domain name and as matter of fact, they will always influence the branding as the blog grows.

Secound, Dont picks up the similar domain names as your competitors. It isn’t a good ethics to follow in blogging. Use your creativity and come up with a good one.

For example — Www.learn4free.co.in

Over here, here is the reason why did I choose this domain name.

I wanna teach people marketing for free of cost, that can be derived as Learn4free and with the domain name. Yes, I have made a mistake up here, I should have chosen .com or .net.

I am planning to correct it very soon, why is it a mistake? People find it hard to spell and remember the same. We need to pick up a domain name, where it’s easy to pronounce and easy to remember.

Step 3: Choosing a Wordpress Hosting

They are a wide range of options for WordPress hosting but wait please read this.Wordpress can be hosted in either two ways