Employing new IT Skills Fastens Business Process

Change is required in the old IT skills for the new evolution. Past IT skills have been very technology focused like the coding, databases, hardware, OS support, Sysadmin, etc — very hardware and OS level focus. The new skills in higher demand business analysis looks into how to apply technology for business functions, cloud integration, more middleware, more data sharing. Big data focuses on how to use, integrate and derive insight from data and combined data, finally there is much greater emphasis on security. I prefer having expertise on this level in-house. This is the type of expertise that allows for good solution evaluation and selection, good management of mixed teams (in-house and external), cost effective handling of constant change and needs updates.

“Change is required in the old IT skills for new evolution”

Outside services will be at the Infrastructure and platform level — which is a huge benefit. Having the new type of IT staff who can work with the customers, with consultants if needed, help convene the participants and develop requirements and most important manage data governance.

Technology with competitive edge:-…..

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